Tuesday, March 8, 2016

The brotherly style 101

In the meek of overly change of fashion style, the utterly unexplainable sense of style on men is simply hard to comply. Yes, I didn’t much find it adorable to dress up men, and I can simply imply that I don’t have much fashion sense when it comes to how they suit up. All I know is that a simple white V-neck shirt and jeans would do.

But like women’s fashion, men style can also be extremely fascinating. The simpler it looks the harder it is to choose what to wear from a men’s closet.

So my brothers had gave me a test to dress them up every Sundays for the whole year and see what I have accomplish dressing them up. (Because secretly they knew I wanted to be a fashion stylist of 2pm hohohoho) So the test goes here. 

Style Icon: Got7 JUnior, Park Bogum 

For some fun time weekend bonding with your friends and family, a baseball cap, striped ¾’s, sandals, that you could match with your favorite sling bag is not just your average comfy attire but could best bring the Peter Pan in you! Oh the cleverness of me! J


Style Icon: (Andrew Gallagher)

Basic Denim paired with a polo shirt, spells perfectly perfect to be with your very own Speedster Barry Allen and it’s also perfect for church.

Caps and Suits
Style Icon: (2pm's Nichkhun and Grant Gustin) 

Dressing up for an unpredictable weather can be tone down to one or more layering. Suit up with your very own coat, a pair of comfy jeans, hat and sneakers. 

This fashion get up is also inspired by 2pm's MY HOUSE. Your very own trousers, paired with a button down, leather belt, a hat and a pair of basketball shoes would surely keep off with your dance moves “It’s alright”

So what do you guys think? :) hihi... until next time... I'll do read blogs about male fashion hahaha :)

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