Friday, November 27, 2015

Yexel Toys Museum - Manila Ocean Park :)

Mas Masarap talaga maging bata!

No worries just fun! 

My childhood friend and I visited the Amazing Stories of Yexel's Museum located at the second floor level of Manila Oceans' Park. I was really excited when she told me about the 99 pesos discount that the museum offer until November 29. I was on the hype since visiting this place makes me feel happy and giddy because it's toys!!! :) 

Upon entrance, a bunch of minions would greet you with their adorable smiles and charm :)

and then there's the spider. :)

A man and a Horse

and then Legolas :) <3 

and the Iron Man

and the Father :) hihihihi

It's really nice to actually experience it yourself :) You and your family would truly enjoy the whole fun day experience. :)

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