Monday, November 23, 2015

Monomola Lip Tattoo :)

Howdy!  Having a hard time with lipsticks that sticks, no more worries because Lip tattoo is here to turn those worries away! Sounds like an advertisement ha! Lip tattoo is a bit of a trend for girls nowadays. The stress of lip marks is all over!

So this lip tattoo can be found everywhere especially online! A lot online seller have been introducing this products and it becomes very handy for girls my age ( I mean ladies).

I just kinda find it a bit confusing where it actually came from, is it from Korea or in China. There are websites that shows Monomola in Korea ( and in China (, nevertheless the product still gave a huge impact on me.

Tried Cherry Red 
At first I was a little scared using this color since I feel like it wont match my skin tone... 
the Lip tattoo has it's watery texture, so BEING CAREFUL is a must!

It's takes 15 minutes to dry. 

Once it's dry you can peel off the tint and say hello to your new set of lips! hahaha.. 


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