Sunday, December 8, 2013

The path of Dreams (where do I actually begin?)

I always tell myself, 'Don't worry, you are halfway there!'. Honestly I just don't know how to get there; I have been walking to different doors and has never been into the real world. Still, I am here aiming that I could hit the best shot and I know I will be there not one time, one day, someday but today; I could achieve it today!

It's a bit funny because every time I do my 100% best, it just don't turn out the way it's supposed to be it seems to be lacking something important. Despite of thinking to much, I just decided to look at the bright side and relax (Come what may, let every moment surprise you) and boom Surprise surprise everything happens for a reason :) Because of that criticisms followed abruptly, unstoppable and a bit painful. But I love listening to criticisms because I know that it will make me do better. They are major trials and triumphs you have to overcome. Instead of feeling down and sad, I put myself up and do the best that I can be.

As I cross the paths of success and dreams I know that that day will come today all I have to do is to believe in myself and have faith that everything will happen on the right time and on that perfect moment.

I may be too late for others but if they could just see the hardships I am going through I know they would understand. But the world is full of mouths and stereotypes they could ruin you in just one single time and all you have to do is to be strong and carry on!

My path of dreams may be nowhere to begin with, a childish dream for others but this is my dream and no one can stop me from aiming that star. I may cross thousands of miles for this but I will never give up, I'll be fighting till the end of time for this! Today I am conquering my dreams! :) AJA!

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