Thursday, December 12, 2013

because I love HELLO KITTY SO MUCH! :)

Ung tipong after ng meeting dumeretso agad sa SM North para makita si Hello Kitty... This is life :)

I have been loving Hello Kitty since I was a child, and the fact that my room is overfilled with different Hello Kitty stuffs, my Mom (when I was growing up) tried to avoid me inside Sanrio Stores, because all I will do is to stare at it for minutes and ask her to buy me one (bad kitty!).

Despite of her trying to avoid me inside Hello Kitty stores, when I was a college student, I tried my very best to save just to buy one Hello Kitty per month (which is not a good thing, because this addiction is killing me to the bones). Good thing I have super supportive mom, siblings and friends that whenever it's my birthday or Christmas they have a special Hello Kitty gift for me. HAHAHAHAAHAHA.... :)

So here I am, sharing my Hello Kitty stuffs way back when I was in college (and it's still counting, from curtains, to pillowcases, mugs, alarm clocks, mouse etc... that I almost lost count) and of course my trip to mini Hello Kitty place :)

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