Wednesday, November 27, 2013


Yesterday, November 27, 2013 was the day heroes had come to town, thanks to Folded and Hung because they had come to life and saved the day with their KAWAII charms......

Here are some pictures I have taken from yesterdays event. :)

As I was watching the short presentation that Folded and Hung had prepared for us, I have been thinking how in the world can I be a hero if I wasn't someone. But the event shows that anybody can be a HERO, in our own little way we can be Heroes. Just giving a helping hand to others you can be a hero, it doesn't need to be something big but as long as it came the heart you yourself are consider to be a part of the team. :) 

Thank you so much IAMMEG for the invite, thank you for releasing my inner hero :), this will be one of the events I will never forget in my 2013 chart......... Everyone is a Hero....thank you FOldednHung :) 

In connection to the event yesterday......... here are my own kawaii superhero clay art figures :) 

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