Saturday, July 7, 2018

Yesterday's Momentum

My best friend and I made this poetry together. Combined with our thoughts, I have arranged everything and turned it into poetry.

Yesterday's Momentum
by PB and J

Wonderers of time and space
Remembered the importance of a dream
Questioned the unimaginable
Imaginations, hallucinations resulted to illusion
Then tears comes because of frustration
Again another subject was meant to be unanswered
Maybe it’s for walking or simply running
The one who curves the way to stroll away
Or the one who straightens thru then looks away
Whether to take the lane or just stroll on the commons
Which one would you choose the park or the path?
The path to see what you should have notice
Or the park to seat for a moment or to push thru
Unaware or be knowing, is it my call or a form of windfall?
And then drive through those long roads of never ending
Only to realize that memories are the only thing that is permanent
Thoughts just came passing by
I think I’m okay watching the perfect vanilla sky
Because I am like a Loch Ness
I more than the fa├žade you see
But a stunning success waiting  to be revealed
And echoed these words from within
“Feed me your soul of wonder and let me hallucinate in your reality”
I am a wonderer, and yet I know what my reality is

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