Friday, July 6, 2018

Go Back Couple Review

Go Back Couple, "Waeyo?" My tears are like dripping somewhere! I just can't help but to tear on different emotions this drama gives. I'm so happy I have watched this!

Hats off to the writer and director of these series. My heart is so attached and I can't let go. I have always been a fan of Jang Nara and have watched almost all of her series. Watching Go Back Couple made my heart trenched into pieces. 

The story starts from Choi Ban Do and Mah Jin Joo's Divorce, and how it went down to pieces, and had the chance to go back in time where they could patch up the "mistakes" they did in the past. 

The series had showed the awkwardness of getting through your first love, first dates, rejections, friendships and dreams. It also focuses on the love relationship of a mother to her daughter and her daughter to her mother. At the same time learning to COMMUNICATE your feelings to your love ones, because communication is the key to great relationships. 

Friendships, I like how the series the depict the power of friendships. Through thick and thin, to high or low, to craziness and sadness, one for all for one. Their Friends made their whole going back in time journey worthwhile. Where everything was fun and games and making it through school life, where everything is smooth sailing unlike their adult life. 

I really like how Mah Jin Joo had showed her motherly instincts to her 1999 friends. It felt like she's teaching us how a mother's love is and reminding us how our parents ache for their children. My tears are totally non stop when she had finally met her mom in the past and couldn't help but to tear whenever she see's her mom's eyes. I also liked the part when Choi Ban Do's fatherly instincts simply came out when Min So Young had ran away from home, without him realizing he slightly became a father figure to her. Seo Jin, the couple's baby was also the source of their happiness. Without their child their happiness is incomplete, and the baby was super adorable. 

No character in this series was left behind, everyone has it's story, I just kinda felt that 12 episodes is too short, because the series have taught me a lot of life's lessons. I love how the second leads had understand that their unrequited love would never push through, they were even the ones who made the leads realize their love for one another. All characters had portrayed their part as if it was really theirs. It felt like their triumphs were mine as well! And it's really awesome how characters can basically look young! How they can portray someone in the late 90's and someone in year 2018. Jan NAra and Son Ho Jun portrayed their roles impressively, that I even felt love sprouting and everywhere ( BAGAY SILA).

The last episode may have brought me into tears but it teaches us LOVE, rediscovering your love, whether it's your one true love, your family or your friends, at the same time understanding with the means of communicating. And a sweet reminder that never take everything that is in front of us for granted. Love one another :) 

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