Saturday, August 25, 2018

Reunions at Trinoma

If I could recall all the memories once again
It would always be you

I was 16 back then, it was summer vacation
And it was the perfect time to reunite with friends

Everyone was ecstatic to see one another
Would spend hours playing at timezone

Sit, relax and talk about our dreams at the food court
And would stroll for hours just enjoying some window shopping


YEAR - 2008

It wasn’t just the first but the first of all many
Every time we would gather up
We’re always adding up
Meeting the girlfriends, the boyfriends and seeing how everyone is growing up

Before selfie sticks and android phones
We all have our digi cameras like blast from the past

Year 2009
We would meet at the garden area and take photos as many as we liked
We we’re all so young, like nothing else would matter

It was so smooth sailing back then
And enjoying our time like there’s no tomorrow

In between, quick meet ups were always easy
Movie treats were never a problem
Because we know that a Large Fries can cure some dilemma

Even if we may not see each other for a long time
It will always be you, the one only place to be

Fast forward today, 26 years old me
Recalling of my memories during those days
Years and years have passed you’re still here to stay

Seeing my friends again after so many years
We may not as many as before
But the childhood feels was like yesterday

My siblings have grown up into fine gentlemen and woman
I’m so amazed how everyone went on their dreams
But the inner youngster in them is always there

Just like you, I may have grew up but you never changed
You added up some spice but you are always there
Thank you for giving our reunions always as blast
And I know for sure you, my friends and I will always last!

Year 2018 :)

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