Friday, June 22, 2018

Things I have learned from Watching Duan Mackenzie’s Vlog

As some of you have been reading my blog, I have always had this “Learning’s” from different people I know (who are really close to me and people I have met along the way), things that I think should share to everyone. Writing my learning’s from the people I admire and close to me makes me feel like I am not losing my track. People who inspires me to do good, to pursue things that seems so impossible, to challenge myself and to be who I am today.

While I was searching for Positive Blog/DIY Vlogs on Youtube, I have come across to Duan’s Vlog #6 about having a positive outlook and of course dogs! After watching her blog, I did a major rundown on all of her Vlogs whenever I have some free time and she’s super funny and fun. From her funny videos, to the heart touching interviews. And after finishing them all in a span of two or three weeks hahahah I’m going to share to you guys the things I have learned from her Vlog.

1.       POSITIVE – She’s always show how positivity can make things go smooth sailing. That no matter how painful things might be, all you need to do is get up, shoo away those negativity, think about happy thoughts and let in the positive vibe! Not just that, you can also share that positivity no matter where you go! J
2.       Love your Family – the roots of all roots, the importance of family is always a part of her vlog, especially how she introduces her mom, her dad and how she shares some snippets of her family into the vlogs she’s been doing. Because Family is family. The support that you need comes from them. Love your family and it will lead you to sharing that love to others.
3.       Surround yourself with people who lifts you up (at the same time, people you support back) – I have watched some of her vlogs where she introduces her friends to her viewers, interview them and let them be a source of inspiration to others especially when it comes to achieving your dreams. I love how every interview happened step by step (like one video they were like talking about how to achieve it then, in another video they have accomplished it). She also shares how proud she is watching their success. Lead yourself to the people who can also be your family. Friends who would push you higher not pull you down, friends who would cheer you even if you feel like you’re losing. And then vice versa
4.       Never lose your five year old self – my best friend use to say this to me all the time too. And hearing it from her makes my five year old me scream with joy. Even if we’re all growing up, never ever lose that younger version of you. That urge to still have fun and enjoy even if things might go rough sometimes.
5.       Explore while you’re still young and can – Pack your bags and go on an adventure. You’ll never know what exciting things are waiting for you on your next journey. What culture and traditions you’re going to learn. Have that once in a lifetime adventure whether it’s with your friends, you alone or with your family, go and be infinite.
6.       Just be you, have fun or find a new hobby – whether it’s a funny video you and your gang are making (which Duan always has on her videos), or just doing some banana ice-cream with your best friend, do some photoshoot, go some Vlog challenges, anything under sun, something to motivates you to go and make new memories and learning new things gives you a boost on excelling on your creativity!
7.       Go out there and take some risks (nothing beats the success of hardwork) - seize that moment, you can never achieve something if you stay inside your box. Just like every interview she has, it’s like reminding me, that all of us have our own time frames, we only need to be patient and hold on to our hopes and dreams. Go and take the challenge life has to offer. It’s okay to be afraid! Go and shoot for your stars J -“My parents always told me growing up that results come from hard work and determination, that nothing worth wanting in life will fall into your lap. "Spit in one hand and wish in the other, see which one fills up faster." Craig says that's what his Dad always told him growing up.”-Vlog 157Hardwork pays off
8.        No matter who you are just do it - When it comes to doing what you like just do it, there would be bumps along the way, who cares just do it. 

Thank you for being an inspiration Duan! – it feels like you’re talking to me even if I don’t personally know you or you don’t even know me. Whenever you say “Follow your dreams! Or be happy, have a nice day!” feels like I have a super cool Sunbae who lives near my house, who would sit by the balcony, talk to you from a far, who loves giving advices, sharing her OOTD’s, make-up/beauty routines, sharing some life’s lessons, stories about aliens, stories of love, who would give a me a boost every Tuesday and would say “GO AND MAKE YOUR FUTURE”! THANK YOU! Thank you for sharing a part of yourself with us!J  

Go and check her videos at Duan Mackenzie on Youtube! Because I tell you mah friend, after watching her videos, you'll get super inspired! Educated! Touched and super motivated! Thank you for your time reading my blog!

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