Sunday, June 10, 2018

Be STEEL and STRAW your Plastics

Plastic Straws are so yesterday, let’s all do something today! Hello Everyone! I have been using Steel Straw just early this year, and I have been in awed with it. I’m going to share to you the reason’s WHY you should use STEEL STRAWS

1.       It’s ECO FRIENDLY!
a.       As we all know, plastics decomposed in the slowest manner. They litter through our streets and land fields, and plastics have a bigger percent on ruining our wild life’s and ocean! Think about the trash that the ocean throws back at us when our Mother Nature had takes its toll on us. ALL YOU CAN SEE IS PLASTIC
2.       Perfectly SAFER than our plastic straws
a.       WHY? Plastic straws had chemicals called the BPA (Bhispenol A: You can read BPA here that can lead to heart disease, reproductive disorder or diabetes.
3.       EASY to CLEAN
a.       Steel straws had the same grade material like our utensils. It’s easy to clean at the same time you Steel Straws manufacturers had brush included to your straw.
4.       Very Instagram Friendly
a.       In our generation of social media, we can all use this as a platform to spread the word of recycling. It's not just a pretty thing for our Instragram feeds but it’s also nice for our environment!
5.       It’s forever and very handy
a.       Like our very own cutlery, we can use it as long as we wanted to, and we can even bring it anywhere we like!
Ps. Do you know that because of our steel straws our drinks won’t easily get warm! And it’s child friendly as well!

Not just it’s very handy, very Instagram friendly but in my own little way (I hope) I can help reduce plastics scattering within the metro. As plastics ruin our ecosystem, all we have to do is help, and change. It doesn’t matter how little or how big you contribute, as long as you make a stand on what’s eco-friendly you and I can help change the game of the world: D

You can check Paraluman PH for more details on their Steel Straws! You can also match your drink with my very own Handmade Crochet! Don’t forget to share and LIKE! J
Tehee :)

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