Friday, February 16, 2018

Tagaytay 2018

Best way to start February! My college friends and I went to Tagaytay as a group for the first time! And for the first time, we had our itinerary! Well slightly! Hahaha but it was a road trip to remember!
On our first destination, we went to Museo Orlina!

“Museo Orlina is the showcase of artistry of international acclaimed Ramon Orlina, pioneer and foremost practitioner glass sculpture in the country.” – Museo Orlina Brochure

The museum had five levels, and all levels are named after Ramon Orlina’s children. The first level we had visited was the fifth level/the roof deck. The level was named after his son Michael. The roof deck had the over viewing of the taal lake. My friends and I couldn’t help but to take pictures of it’s breath taking view.

After doing crazy antics, we went to level 3 Anna, the youngest daughter of Orlina. In this level, you could see Orlina’s Arcanum XIX Paradise replica. You can also see the sculpture of the late president Cory Aquino and amazed and awed with Piolo Pascual’s sculpture, paintings, photographs and maquettes

On Level 2, the Ningning level, you can see the huge Banawa Rice terraces glass sculpture, two piano’s, body and face glass sculpture and how each glass is created. Thank you to ate who explained how it works!

On level 1, is Naesa level, named after his eldest daughter. In this level shows it’s different theme, styles and direction on how artistically every masterpiece is made. It’s also called the Reflections gallery. 

You can also see classical gallery which Pieta is standing tall, and the feels like you’re inside a Greek museum. And on the ground level, you can see the architectural view of the museum. The sculpture garden has solid sculpture forms that are great for a picture perfect instagramable photo.
With almost an hour and a half, we have enjoyed taking so much photo’s that we forget that we’re running for the time.

After art exploration, with our stomach grumbling, we went to Taalena, because of their famous Bulalo. You can also see Taal Lake’s breathtaking view while enjoying the breeze of cold weather.
Taalena’s indoor design is like a house during the time of our grandparents, it’s Capiz windows, lights, tables and chair, feels like you’re on a glimpse of history. Not just that, there are also singers who would be serenading you while you eat! And since we all look vibrantly young, the song they sang to us were all millennial songs such as perfect etc!

We couldn’t help but to stay focused on our food since we’re super hungry and couldn’t take more photos like this!
Last destination would always be Taal Vista! Just coffee, sweets and smooth sailing music!

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