Sunday, February 11, 2018

Hello! I create Logo's

I have been doing a lot of artworks ever since I could remember. I love creating fan arts for my friends, idols and family and family. But this year well, the last weeks of year 2017, I have started doing commissioned arts for my friends.

My art pieces are composed of Kawaii drawings that I paint on Photoshop (using my mouse), well basically I started sketching them on my drawing pad, send the sample to my dear clients/friends, then scanned it and place it on my photoshop. Maximum hours of drawing, editing, corrections and all consist of more than 3 to 4 hours.

Nevertheless, I enjoyed doing artworks at the same time listening to what my clients asked me to do. Here are some of my artwork samples of the month of Love! :D

Exhibit 1: Team Tonice!
My heart was super happy when my College classmate asked me to do a character logo for them on their wedding. I never expect this since I have been doing artworks for free as practice. But Toni, had helped me and trusted me with her wedding artworks! Not just that, my drawings were on the very first page of her invitation! SO happy!

Exhibit 2: Maria Camille’s Cakes.. Pastries and More
Baker Ms. Eina had asked me to do an artwork for her. Her package includes, profile photo, FB header and a Calling Card. 
for Profile Photo

Calling Card

FB Header

Exhibit 3: Red.Sky home baked desserts
Ms. Jackyln had asked me to make a chibi art creations of her chinito and chinita children for her Logo.

Exhibit 4: Rizah’s Creation Gourmet Tuyo

Exhibit 5: Kamballicious Cakes and Pastries by Leslie

And some of the artworks I have made :D 

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