Monday, April 9, 2018

BALER 2018

Well, hello SUMMER! I was only imagining to visit Baler once in my lifetime and BOOM here it is! I had the chance to visit one of the "Surfing Destinations" here in the Philippines special thanks to my friend, Denise for letting me jump in, in this short vacay/booth-ing with Paraluman!! Not to mention that Baler is celebrating it's 40th years of surfing! 

 Another firsts! Traveling with my friend via bus is another ONE for me! I was extremely nervous/excited because this is going to be one of the adventures I am looking forward to! So we have arrived earlier than our time, cause it's a major must to arrive 30 minutes earlier! And at exactly 1:30 we have left Cubao! OFF TO BALER!!! 

Okay, I didn't expect this "Pero bakit kami dumaan sa bundok? huhuhu sobrang kitid nung daanan, and sobrang tarik, like it's super high!! Me natakot!!! As in nakakapit ako!" 

After 6 hours we have arrived at our destination! BALER!! 

DAY 1: Friday, April 6, 2018
-Arrived at Baler then off to Aliya Surf Resort
-Assembled our booth by 10am 
-Breakfast, Lunch and Merienda
-Checked in on Hotel Nalu Surf Campby 5pm 
-Dinner at the Good Food, Sweets and Music at Kubli 

And here comes the sun! totototoooooo :) <3 (Photo taken from my Phone at Aliya Resort :) 

Ocean Care Movement's Booth :)



Oilista PH 

Another privilege moment is when you have to stay in at one of the recommended beach resorts in Baler. Special thanks to our organizers OCM for giving us this opportunity! 
Main gate of NALU :) 

Reception Area/Cafe/Restaurant Bar

The View in front of Nalu :) 
There are also other cottages placed in front of Camp Nalu :)

A place were you can enjoy watching the waves! :)

Our Mini Bahay Kubo! :) So cutie patootie! It looks like a play house! 

 The Good Food, Kubli and Camp Nalu Music Sessions

If you want some Good Food and something good to your pocket choose this resto :) 

DAY 2 Saturday April 7, 2018
-Pictorial sa Beach at Aliya 
-Dinner at Yellow Bistro 

If you're looking for another tipid meal at the same time sulit, go and visit YELLOW BISTRO but make sure to have a lot of patience because the "pila is box office"

Very much sulit! :)

 DAY 3 Last day of our Booth!
-Solo Mode Photoshoot :) (selfie timer and it's finest! :)

There's also a Souvenir Shop near Nalu Camp! :)

Happy kid! Had fun watching surfers glide through the waves, the smell of the sea breeze, booth selling, meeting new friends and food galore ;) Super big thank you to Ocean Care Movement for inviting us, and to our sponsors Nalu Surf Camp for letting us stay over the weekend, Aliya Surf Camp for our booth space, and to my chingu Denise for letting me experience Baler! Team Paraluman!

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