Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Kdrama Toys: Handmade

Whenever there’s Kdrama, it’s almost a 99.9 percent there’s merchandise in it (especially the overloading cuteness of each plushies).

With the collection of kdramas, having that one significant thing of your currently obsessed product make you want to have it too! It’s like giving yourself a gift after long hours of work J But since I couldn’t afford (YET) those cute toys! (and my mom would not want to cover my room with plushies since I have poor lungs) so here are some of the handmade felt keychains I have made this past few months, I would like to say “THANK YOU!” to my clients for ordering this cutesies from me J

Exhibit A: Descendants of the SUNS
Who would not adore this couple dolls? Seeing them really reminds you of that heartwarming moment when Captain Yoo Si Jin had to tie Doctor Kang Mo Yeon shoes  during the midst of the earthquake. Love love love! I have even made a tutorial for these cuties! You can check it out here: http://lilmissjaninekaye.blogspot.com/2016/05/descendants-of-sun-diy.html

Exhibit B: Cheese in the Trap
The little lion! The couple key charm sunbae gave Hong Seol while they were window shopping J

Exhibit C: Goblin
Insert Song: Never far away :D
Oh hello there Mr. Buckwheat!

Exhibit D: Cheongdamdong Alice
Made this for myself (hihihi) I don’t know, I just felt connected with Moon Geun Young’s character when she made those dolls for the CEO. Because I myself, I am making handmade dolls J I just felt we are on the same path of likes J

You can also see this bunny in Suspicious Partner (with different clothes) 

Exhibit E: The liar and his lover
Because Crude Play J I think it match the mood of songs and melody and somehow magical connection! I just finished watching the Liar and his Lover last week, when a client emailed me if I could make a felt doll out of recycled materials J and whaaalllaaa here’s my replica of ShiHoon’s doll :D

Exhibit F: Dream Knight
Again made it for myself, and gave it to my friends (for friendship dolls)
A little story, after making my very first felt doll (which you guys know, Chloe my Dainty Pink Logo) Got7 dolls are the very first dolls I made that is not smaller than my palm but in fact bigger. It took me the whole week to finish this dolls and find some recycled materials for it J

Exhibit G: Strong Woman Do Bong Soon
The cat owns it! Well, this doll had only few shots in the drama but it made a huge impact for it’s viewers and despite of having few shot’s, I think I got it right! J

Exhibit H: My exhibit :D
My little Chloe J so I have always dreamed that someday my little Chloe would be seen in Kdrama’s as well (hahahaha I know it’s super high but who knows maybe just one day) or just simply being held by my favorite kdrama stars so I made a mini collection of my dream :D

PHOTOEDITED: Credits to it's original owners 

What are your favorite “doll” moment? Comment your favorites below J

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  1. how do i go about ordering one of the gaet lion dolls from cheese in the trap from you?