Wednesday, May 24, 2017

KDRAMA: Fashion Inspired (part 1)

I am not really a fashionable person,but I do love taking photos of the clothes I wear (you can check out my lookbook here I don't buy my clothes:all my stuffs were hand me down and some were gifts from Family, but since I am now on my mid 20's I tried my best to look good for myself and be happy staring at the clothes that I wear :D

So here are the Kdrama Fashion Inspiration that I did for April and May :D
Take Note: You don't need to buy the exact clothes our Unnie's and Oppa's wear on every Kdrama. You can definitely find one in your very own closet :) All you need is to mix and match and make your everyday the RUNWAY :) hohohoho 

Shin Min Ah is widely known for having a fashionable sense in every character she's portraying and because of Tomorrow with You, many fans have been captured by Song Marin's (Shin Min Ah) fashion style. Song Marin is a photographer, and her style is very quirky and sweet, and sometimes casual (consisted of men's formal jacket) yet classy and elegant and every outfit just simply match her bubbly personality. 

In achieving this look, I really looked for clothes that are almost the same as her style in the episode 1 after she had a hang over. For the blazer, I used my Gap blazer (basil or sage in color), black designed shirt, black leather belt, and a high waist skirt that I used way back in high school, and my one and only adidas rubber shoes to complete the outfit. For accessories, I used my super dark blue (oxford blue) beach bag and a black leather bag. 

To achieve this semi look, Black Shirt (can be an oversize shirt), a denim vest, red pants, and a rubber shoes. To literally match her style don't forget your camera (SNAP!)

Define strong statement tops. To achieve this look, white top (printed with stripes or just simply white), yellow pants, a brown (black) leather bag, for shoes you can wear high heels but if you just want some comfy style you can wear your favorite sneakers and walla! Song Marin comfy version!

Who would forget the oozing fashion style of Bandanas, and it's back to complete your sporty yet preppy style. From White T-shirts, you can match it with your pedal pants, and black shoes and tying your bandana ala scarf. 

To achieve this young and adorable style, for my top, I used a almost same shade as Song MArin's top which is baby blue, a black jumper dress, a black leather bag and some black shoes (used sneakers for this look).

hihihihi :D

For Gumiho's fashion style, her look is simply an adorable flash of fashion. The colors used for her outfit's was playing with the colors of nude, light colors and white. The colors and fashion style portrayed really well in the series because it matches Gumiho's innocence and character, at the same time it eludes fun and excitement for the character itself. 

To achieve this outfit, all you need is a checkered polo (any colors can do, but if you really want the exact same color you can!), white dress and a nude colored shoes. 

KIM GO EUN's Ji Euntak and Hong Seol

My other favorite fashion get up is no other than Hong Seol's and Ji Euntak's vibe. For Hong Seol, she brings back that campus feel of fashion where you can simply wear yourself. The fashion statement that says, I can be whoever I want to be, I can be casual, chic, comfy, sporty, simple or feminine! It's like all types of style in the whole school year. For Ji Eun Tak, just like Hong Seol, she also rocks her high school uniform with a lovely and adorable twist! Definitely suitable for cold weathers, since large hoodies, coats, pullovers and cardigans is the new thing! (well not suitable for my country hihihi since it's a tropical country! define tagaktak ang pawis mo pag nag sweater ka!
To achieve this look, used an almost same color shade's as Ji Euntak's hoodie, but mine is lighter hihihi, a ribbon top, a school type of skirt, leggings, and a rubber shoes. To finish your outfit don't forget your back pack and your scarfs.

To achieve this teaser photo of Ji Eun Tak, wore a black top, gray type of jumper dress, gray socks and high heeled shoes. :D

To achieve this look, gray long sleeves, a black mini skirt (best way to pull this outfit off is to tucked in your tops and match it with your black leather bag) and don't forget the Hong Seol Bangs hihihi :D

To achieve this look, White Polo top, a muslin colored pants and a shoes that matches it's color, or you can just wear black shoes just like what Hong Seol wore. 

To achieve this look, used a sage colored blazer, plain black shirt, a maong shorts and sneakers. 
To achieve this look all you need is messaged type of t-shirt, pencil cut oxford blues skirt and your favorite white sneakers :) 

:) until next time! How about you guys? What's your fashion peg? 

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