Monday, August 24, 2015

My best friend got engaged! :)

Okay, I won't be overly dramatic about writing my best friends engagement. Okay kinda! I'm sorry, I just can't help it!

I remember that very moment she told me "I'm getting married". I was on a blank state! I really don't know how to feel. Will I feel sad because she's getting married, but I am supposed to be happy because I'm her best friend and it's okay! 

My usage of words are kinda mixed up with my feelings and how my brain is reacting! I'm smiling over the phone but my heart is crying! I was laughing and reacting weirdly! But seriously I was really happy! I just can't react.

I wanted to tell her "Why is your boy friend stealing you away from me?" hahaha Some childish questions. 

Okay to summarize all my feelings, I couldn't grasp it, our other best friend just got married and then you! Tissue please! 

As soon as everything went calmly after my nonstop disfiguring speech, I was really happy for her. No joke, no tears, I am happy! I mean, I have witnessed her "love years" way back when we're still both young (hahaha), and seeing her with that painted image of love all over her face is like magic! And I have met Dan (her fiancee) a lot of times and he's really really nice! The boyfriend who is always there to support his girl! And the kuya with so many Payos :)  

The funny thing about having a friend who's getting married soon makes me a little bit of a searcher! I started searching for gowns, themes, motifs, venues, photography themes, invitations, souvenirs, DIY etc and sending everything I see that is pleasing to my eye and of course Julie to her messenger :) ! I am not the one whose getting married, I'm just a friend but I am so hyped with this wedding thingy!

Last Saturday, it's official, my best friend is engaged! I was in the province reading my pocket book when my she texted me "I'm engaged" with so many exclamation points! I couldn't text her back, so I immediately send a message and congratulate her and asked for some photos :)

The future BRIDE with all smiles! 

But what amazed me is the story behind the ring. The MOMENT OF SURPRISE! This two have been fans of League of Legends (well Dan was actually a gamer) and little does she know, that there was a man waiting for her behind those huge screen and I don't know what's he's feeling (I BET HIS NERVOUS hihihi capslock para intense)................

Hello kuya! :) <3 


and then he knelt down and ask her to marry him! 
(GOSH I WISH I WAS THERE to get fangirling all over the place)

Seeing those pictures brought me HAPPINESS and TEARS! Awwwww, this is the first step in Forever! The first step in holding each others hand to be as one! :)

I won't make this blog any longer but to the future couple! CONGRATULATIONS! You guys are my young couple lovers peg just like Kuya A and ate Sarah. To Julie, I am extremely happy that I couldn't express everything in words. We we're once children who dreamed of a perfect man, but God had heard your prayers He gave you the right man. To Kuya Dan, thank you for making Julie happy! Thank you for sharing your life to every barkada she has! I know you wouldn't make her heart cry in pain because you love her with all of your heart, thank you! I together with all of Julie's friends are so happy to meet you! :) CONGRATULATIONS!! :) 

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