Tuesday, August 18, 2015

A trip to Korean Cultural Center of the Philippines

Mancor Corporate Building, 2/F 32nd St, Taguig, 1634 Metro Manila(KCC is located at the back of Saint Lukes Medical Hospital :) 

Una at Huli by Eric De Leon Zamuco

The first time I went to KCC was back in March 2015, my best friend and I, including my brothers watched a free Movie Screening KCC had offered. During that time, an Art Exhibit (Somewhere out there) was also held at the KCC halls. Excited to see some artworks, we did our mini tour and some photo ops. 

In this exhibit, seven artists (3 Artists from the Philippines and 4 Artists from Korea) had express their experience through their art pieces and showed their glance of future. 

Looking through some artworks, I literally had mind blowing interpretation of some art pieces. I don't know if it's really what the artists felt while making it, but I guess a picture is a thousand words 

Writing by Jung Jae Ho

My second visit was during another art exhibit "Old & New". While the Somewhere Out There exhibit expresses their fruit of future, Old and New shows life during the past and the present, the memories of childhood and seeking the moderness of the world. 

Dalgang-dalgang by Lee Jung Eun

Travelogue about things by LeeJu Eun

Sotos by Song Yu Lim

Neverland by Kwon Oh Shin

Musical Instruments can be Found inside their Music Room :)

All I could see is Moon Embracing the Sun :D

Cute Little Hanboks on Wine :)

I could remember the frames my uncle had in our home before. I was so scared just by looking at them, and seeing them face to face for real (Bigger than my Face), it wasn't that bad after all!

Hello Yonghwa! :)

PS. There's also a library insde where you can browse different Korean Books and Music :) 
It's really nice to visit places like this, at least even if you can't lay your feet on the country itself, their cultural centers are sharing it all to us. :) 

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