Thursday, April 23, 2015


Dear YOU,
                I remember how you say our time is ticking, how fast earth moves, from one page to another we are already getting older. We were once this teenagers whose driving passion is to reach our dreams that we forget how to actually live in reality.
                We are packed with encouragement, drive, ambition, faith, achievement and wishes but we were not actually prepared nor even ready what life outside our school walls, sanctuary has to offer.
                Yes, we might strange for others, and it’s quite good and hard to be a bit different, for standing out in a crowd. Or for actually being alone in that crowd. In this passage of life, we see who we can trust, we see who cares for us, we see who stabs us, and we see who we can love and love in return. We see those things to be strong, to be brave but as time passes by we all have deep realizations, understandings that even us couldn’t actually understand and believe.
                Deep thoughts, deep conversations, at the end of the day we drown ourselves with questions we have never asked before, questions we seek, questions facing our daily lives, questions we ourselves couldn’t answer.
                So as you flip through this pages, I wish and I hope that no matter what life has to offer you, questions you have asked, you must always have that burning power to achieve the unexpected. It’s normal to fall, to trip, to get wounded as long as you have the courage to stand up and laugh at some of your mistakes you can do it! Don’t just cry, sit yourself in your room, dream the impossible, but instead DO THE IMPOSSIBLE, move your feet and work hard! Because there are a lot of ways to win in life. Figthing!

PAGE 2: Coffee and Tea (Live to Inspire)

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