Sunday, April 5, 2015

Baby Shower :)

The Big Surprise!

Last March 30, 2015, my friends and I went to surprise our best friend and soon to be mother Roxanne! Our Ate message me in the middle of my daydream to organize a baby shower just for Roxanne to make her astonishingly happy and surprised. I immediately texted my other friends for the surprise Baby Shower (Yes, Super Secret). As soon as everyone had agreed, we all went crazy thinking about the motif, what to do, what food and what gifts to bring! Good thing everything went well and smoothly as plan!:) It was quite funny when all of us almost ignore every text and messages that she send us "Aren't you guys going to visit me?". Yes, were all faking it! And it work!:)

Proper timing! Before our Ate message me, we already made a mini photoshoot for our Mom to be and thank you for timing, her Photoshoots ended up really well for our mini portfolio :)

Photography by: Gela Francisco

Photography by yours truly :)




Baby Souvenirs handmade by me! :) 

To our Dear Roxanne, 
We really hope you enjoy our mini baby shower for you :)

Thank you to everyone who took part in this mini Baby Shower, especially Tita Noemi for entrusting us with our surprise and thank you ate and kuya for flying all the way from Canada just to see Roxieboo! :) Lastly, to A-team! Thank you :)

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