Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Before it's too late

Before its too late
There's something I would like to say
Something that I couldn't say out loud
But I guess I could express in these words

She took her pen and started to confess
Her undefined feelings to a boy,
A boy who's close to her heart 
and would always be the one who could make it stop

She worried so much on that possibility
Maybe one day they would fall in each others arms
She liked him so much 
And she didn't even know why

They fight like a bickering couple
and work out things like a fool
She liked to ask him a dozen of times
What are we? but her lips are stopping her to utter a word

She wanted you to make a move
She doesn't need some proof
She wanted you to know how she feel
but there you were just trying to make her unease

She gets jealous with the girls around you
but all she did was to fight for those feelings
She always feel that she's just a friend beneath those eyes
that she would lock herself to sleep and wonder in her dreams

Now she wrote her feelings on a paper
so that she'll never forget how it feels 
The indescribable happiness when your skin touches
Those whispers that lingers into her soul. 

Please do hold my hand 
Tell me to not let go
because maybe in the near future
I would be smiling the brightest and I'm sorry it won't be you...

I don't like that too happen
because I can say that you're my greatest love
yet a frightening one
so please, please, tell me that you feel the same

So hello my dear friend
Stand up for her
Don't be afraid to take the risk
because maybe by that time comes

the feelings she wrote on that paper
will soon be crumpled
and will forever be forgotten 
Do it now, before it's too late 

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