Monday, February 17, 2014

Post Valentines Post..... (huwattt)

Okay... This post is all about a girl who dreams of "One day I'll have that chance to have someone who will give me flowers on Valentines day" HAHAHAHAHA.... Oh well, I don't really care about Valentines day like others do, not because I'm bitter because I'm single it's just that its one ordinary day for me.... Every Valentines day, I use to spend a lot of my time through thinking of ways to surprise my mother, my favorite DVD's, Korean Series and a chocolate cake by my side (and why in the world does Valentines exist?? BITTER).

But this time around was a bit different than before, I didn't watch my favorite series nor thought about eating chocolate cake but I was just staring at my laptop and singing my favorite love songs ( So emoooooooooooo hahahaha) Anyhoooo, lets skip this Valentines momentum and fast forward to the 15th, and my mom's 5oth birthday celebration, it's my first time to buy a bouquet of flowers for my mom's birthday since I always buy flowers before her actual celebration and surprise her in the morning; and it's also my first time to walk at the main floors of the mall holding a bouquet of flower so happily (AHAHAHA what in the world am I feeling!)

As I was walking with a bouquet on my hand, I saw different faces who had their eyes on the flowers I'm holding, and I felt happy (HAHAHAHA) I don't even know why. But as I walk longer I felt that every girl like me wants to have flowers on their hand, every girl wants to feel that someone will walk beside her, make her feel that she's the only girl in the world and someone who would give her flowers even if there's no occasion at all. Maybe some girls would say that it's a bit corny and old school to receive flowers from a guy but it's a floating feeling and a happy feeling to have someone appreciates you and loves you....and will take you in front of the altar and marry you!!!  Oh well towel, I guess I'm going a bit overboard with a flower scenario, maybe because I am single and maybe because I have never received a flower hahahah... 

Anyways, to everyone who celebrated with their Jagia's, Boos, Sweetheart, Lovers, Friends and Family, there's no harm in spreading all the love in the world as long as it's sincere and it comes from the heart :) and we can celebrate the month of love EVERYDAY with the special People we love and Care about... :) Kudo's may the spirit of Love be with everyone ALWAYS.... 

PS. and to my future Ultra Lover/Jagia/etcetcetc....I'll be waiting for you patiently :) don't worry I'll see you soon... and when that time comes, I hope that you can make me feel like I'm being healed when we are together and Lets walk hand in hand together as if nobody is watching :) 

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