Wednesday, February 19, 2014

A gift for a Friend :)

Hi guys... here I am with another DIY project. Well. I have made this last year and had forgotten to post it due to my busy schedule :) Anyway, I made this simple Jewelry box for my best friend last Christmas and until now it's still in my closet hahahaha... it's just that I'm shy sharing gifts to my friends, I just thought of "This isn't what they wanted" anyhoooooooo, I just wanted to share it to all of you :) Excuse my photos since I'm not really use on labeling my DIY one by one hahaha....

So here it goes :)
all you need is:
1. A container
2. Decorative Pieces 
3. Plies
4. Glue gun
5. Nail
6. Photo Holder 
7. Ribbon

1. First, put the nail on where you wish to place your Photo holder 

2. After creating a small hole for the holder, make sure that your holder won't pull off as soon as you place your photo
3. Cover your container with your ribbon (Both the cover and it's body using a glue gun or a glue)
4. then put your decorative pieces :D

5. Tantanan!! Your mini Jewelry box is done! :) 

and since my best friend likes Taecyeon Shi, I decided to place his photo instead :D

There you have it a mini Jewelry box :) Thank you for taking time reading my DIY gift for my best friend, it's not as beautiful as what you see on department store but it's the thought that counts...hehehe and I hope she likes it :) hhihihihi :) Make one for your best friend today :) fighting! :)

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