Monday, January 13, 2014

Meow Meow :)

Cat Ears are hip nowadays, and had captured the world of fashion last year. Every girls ages 10 years old and above are into this fashion headband that even girls my age are into this "kawaii" hair accessory. Taylor Swift and SNSD are the few well known celebrities who had introduced cat ears in the world of fashion. And since I can't afford to buy a Cat Ears on my own, hahahaha why not make one.....

Insert Recycle name here (hi I am Jake and I love to recycle stuff).... :) Here are the tools I used in making my own head band meow meow :) Old Beads, Wire, Headband, Plies /Wire cutter

First, I straighten my wire and formed into a cat's ears, and cut the wire according to the size that I want. Then inserted the colored beads on the wire and attached it on my head band. And walla! you have your own cat ears. :) 

Finish Product :) 


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