Wednesday, January 8, 2014


Starting my New Year with a song :) 

My life have been hooked with Korean dramas, thinking that one day I'll have my story the way Kdramas have been portraying and that one day my Prince Charming would come and swept me off my feet... HUWAAAAT! Anyhoo, skip the prologue, here I am with my very first video of the year and the very first video I have with my face on (while singing); I never posted my face while singing oh there is while playing the piano, but this the first time i had my face extreme close up :) hahaha... because I am terrible shy.... 

Oh well, in connection to KDRAMAS, I have written a song (Korean English) on the different words and phrases I have learned while watching Korean Series, well, the easiest to remember and pronounce especially the word "Saranghae". But I am quite unsure about the proper pronunciation ... I hope you guys would like it.... :) ENJOY! :)

Check out my video here

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