Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Triboa Bay Subic

Define Super Late! This post was supposed to be last Christmas but I didn't recognize that I haven't pressed the Post button instead I placed it on drafts. Anyhoo, have you ever imagine what is like living in a luxurious residence with your family? Well, this place is must try for everyone who just want to relax after a year long of work or just chilling, enjoying the view and non stop eating with fambam.

A little history for you my dear readers, Subic Luxe Villas (a luxurious villa's with an overlooking of Triboa Bay) or better known as Apec Villas a Mediterranean style houses is the place where 18 Asia Pacific Leaders of government and states had stayed during APEC 1996. 

The villa that our family rented was the house where the Prime Minister of Thailand and his delegates stayed. So here's a little peak of the villa. 

 And here's the view on the outside :D

Overall: Everything in the place was flawless. 
You can cook your own meal
You can enjoy the view
You can enjoy BBQ time
You can enjoy short walks
And enjoy long talks and bonding with your family! 


  1. Hi! how much was the rental per night?

    1. Hello Alex! I'm sorry but I really don't know, since my uncle was the one who paid for the place.. But it's affordable! :)

    2. Thank you! Would you happen to have the contact number of anyone I can call or text to inquire about this place? :)

  2. Hi! By any chance, do you have a contact number of the place? Thanks!