Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Product Review: Garnier Facial Wash

Having acne problems/pimples is one of the things we as teenagers, hated it the most. Ever since I stepped into my senior year, I have always been bugged by my breakouts. I have tried different solutions that promised me pimple free face and it took me years to use them but none of them worked.

My mom even sends me to a dermatologist to check what was really going on with my face. So of course the causes were late night sleep, stress, the food that I eat and puberty. But since derma was really pricey and you really need to go on a treatment almost twice a month to get better result, I have tried another product that would be suitable for my delicate skin. Yap, no matter how many pimples I had before according to my dermatologists, it’s still frail no matter how old I am :D

As I was browsing different acne products at the supermarket, Garnier Pure Energy had attracted my eyes. Not to mention its orange color, but the product itself says for acne prone skin. Crossed my fingers and hoped it would work and I can say it really did work for me.

Little by little I can see the difference from before and after, my skin gets lighter and my pimples are slowly saying good bye.

Here’s a photo of mine as a result of using garnier :DHAHAHAHAHA 

On the first months of using it, you won’t really see the difference, but as months passed by, you can see how my pimples reduced, gets dry and then eventually just dark spots would be visible. I have been using Garnier for a year now and I can say I am Pimple free!!! Well there are still breakout moments but it’s not as bad as before). 

In addition to my garnier product, I am also using this facial cleanser which I bought from Daiso for only 199php, it can also help clean your face thoroughly especially every after makeup :D

Garnier Thank you! :) 

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