Monday, October 17, 2016

Kawaii PH Headquarters Part 2

Howdy! Here’s my second blog about my second visit at Kawaii PH. The fun filled dream of Kawaiiness and Japanese dream is making a glimpse at Kawaii PH headquarters. 

Google map:
Or, you can find us using Waze, just type "Kawaii PH HQ" 


Kawaii PH headquarters doesn’t only offer stuffs made from Japan but also Handmade Crafts and arts, dresses and shirts purely made by our Kawaii Filipinos creative’s.

This day October 15, was not just a simple garage sale, at the same time a  Beauty workshop was held at the 2nd floor of the headquarters. Where they teach daily make-up do’s for different occasions. This is also an opportunity to meet and greet your favorite Kawaii Artist or founders who would welcome you with great smiles and warmth. 

They are also offering CanMakeUp products at the venue. 




Hello there Kitty!

Dolly Kaye (If only my bewang is petite, kasya siguro! hahaha)

Whimsicute/Little Miss PaintBrush

Ohkay hello CHLOE:)

I am so thankful and couldn’t get over with that moment (nomu nomu choayo! And because I’m so mababaw, I am really happpppy) because I didn’t only had the chance to meet the people who inspires me to do better with everything that I do, but I also had the chance to share my arts with them! 

With Chichi!

With Anne!

With Ashley!

Thank you Sunbaessss!! J hihihi to Anne (hugs), Chichi (my fave kawaii artist), Ashley (who went down just to see me), and to the whole Kawaii family thank you for putting a smile on my face! 

Brought my mommmmmma with me :) hihihi... 

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