Monday, April 4, 2016


Fuerte de Santiago means Fort Santiago in Spanish is one of the most historical sites in Manila. Our National Hero Dr. Jose Rizal was imprisoned here before his execution in 1896 and during the Spanish Colonial era and World War 2 many lives were losts in it's prisons. 

Fort Santiago is located in Intramuros, Manila, few meters away from Manila Cathedral. 

The Rizal Shrine
Located inside the Fort Santiago where you can see Rizal's memorabilia's, know more about his life, and how he was during his imprisonment. The museum also show's the replica of his ancestral house in Laguna. 

(The Last Steps of Rizal before Execution) 

In my point of view, creeps were all over the place. I was terrified and scared, seeing everything face to face. Define goosebumps.I was literally feeling the moment. 

the many faces of our National Hero

El Filibusterimo 

Before leaving the Rizal Shrine, my brothers and I did a cute Photo Op with our National Heroes. :) 

Around the Fort Santiago, you'll be seeing the dungeons where our fellow Filipino's was held during the Spanish Era and the World War. 

there were also sites where you can see statues inside the dungeon and see what is it like to be held captive in here. It's heart aching to see that our countrymen is suffering in his own mother land. 

The Arabic Version of Mi Ultimo Adios 
(took a photo of it because it made my heart happy to see Arabic letters once again) 

A statue of Rizal during his final walk.

The Rajah Sulayman Theater 
(It was named Rajah Sulayman in honor of the Mohammedan Malays who first inhibited the area) 
It's also a place for contemporary theaters in round production of PETA (Philippine Educational Theatre Association. 

my brothers and I did some comical photo's at the theater :D

A MUST VISITED HISTORICAL PLACE IN THE PHILIPPINES. In this place, you're going to see and understand the histories we only see and studied in books. The reason's we have the freedom we have today because of our heroes. I really wished I have visited this place when I was still and grade school, maybe, if I have seen this place before I am currently living a life as a historian :D

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