Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Cherry Bougainvillea :)

If Japan has Cherry Blossoms, we have our own Cherries to bloom too! Presenting the pretty flower Bougainvillea :)

I have been on the hype of jealousy just by looking at my friends celebrating the beauty of Cherry Blossoms in Japan and being all cheesy under the beautiful pink flowers in Korea. Anything connected with Cherry make me feel jelly! Oh how I wish I could teleport myself there and experience it!

Look at this pretty photo! Isn’t it Dreeeeamy!

But it seems like the simplicity in life, doesn’t really come in sizes or shapes. As I was walking with all the feels of a romantic Korean drama or a cheesy Japan tour, I have come across with this tree that blooms so beautifully that I never noticed it was there!
hihih my baby Chloe enjoying the view :)

So instead of being trap in the fantasy of Cherry blossoms, I had my own way of enjoying it here in my lupang sinilangan the Philippines.

Look at this Bougainvillea tree!
How I wish that there is just one place here in the Philippines where we can enjoy it’s beauty J

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