Saturday, July 4, 2015

What's your dream?

What's your dream? The question that was so easy to answer when I was a kid, I wanted to be an Astronaut! Well, I also wanted to be a cartoon character! hahahahaha... But when you're on the age of choosing what you really want, that question would just come across your mind, echoing, "What is really my dream?"

Growing up, I wanted to be a painter, I just wanted to paint the whole town pink! Everything I do, connects with painting, that I even convinced myself that I'll be the next "Da Vinci"...( a girl needs to dream)

I spend most of the nights drawing about simple things that if you're going to look at it, it's just a plain art of a child. Colors everywhere, lines everywhere, scratch papers filled with colors, I could never think of anything to do aside from painting and for me it was my very own masterpiece. So I think I would love to pursue arts.
I would never forget when I first bought my very first drawing pen way back in college. 
I know that it's just a pen, but it's my very first drawing pen that I have bought from my allowance and it's quite a money saver, believe it or not, it's life span went over 2 years :D

But as time passes, my love for painting turned into a hobby. So I love painting, but I didn't took that course instead took up communication arts in an all girls school, well there's still arts on it. hihihii

When I'm in the mood, I draw and when I am utterly speechless I write.  There are somethings I couldn't express in words that I just look at my blank notepad and started writing. Doing some short stories was always my scapegoat from reality. It was one of the best things me and my best friend do every recess or lunch. Telling stories, feeling every moment as if we are actually the characters that come to life from our imagination. Sometimes, words turn into a song and a song is now a music that connects to hearts who feel the feelings I have been feeling.

After graduation, I have compiled all of the poems and stories I have written when I was a child until now, I placed them in a mini booklet that serves as my very own book of poems and stories. Actually I wanted to be like JK Rowling someday, even if it's not as big as JK Rowling but an Author. I would love to write books and inspire. :) 

(My:World: The Uncanny Version of me) 

Recently, I wrote this mini book of inspirations, Poetry's I wrote from the previous years, and personal notes I have wrote for myself to boost my self-esteem. The reason, I compile it because I was somehow inspired by my best friend who is in the midst of middle age crisis, even if she's still on her early 20's she's already loosing the confidence of aiming that dream of hers, so I made this booklet for her to realize that it's too early to give up. That there are a lot of things that is still be going on her way and no need to worry about it as long as she have faith and trust in herself. 
I also have shared some notes I have written in this mini booklet in my blog. If ever you want to read it again, feel free! 

It's really amazing how dreams form into our minds and is transferred in the corners of our heart and soul. It's like music in our ears. Music that had captured every piece of memory we had achieving that dream. And that every moment you think of it makes you feel happy as if it's your dreams is just around the corner. Even if you fail, you still have that burning passion of achieving and aiming it. I remember how my friend used to tell me when I was still in school, "If you want it, Aim it. Try to for see it, believe it will come. And if you fall you can always try again". 

I have so many dreams that I wanted to follow Barbie's footsteps. I wanted to be an astronaut, doctor, veterinarian, philosopher, surfer, engineer, architect, lawyer, to have a piano concerto, to travel the whole world, to be a humanitarian, so on and so forth! I wanted to be Barbie! hahaha... but for now, I'll stick to what I really wanted, something my heart is crying for. :) So how about you, what's your dream?

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