Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Anneyeong 678! :)

Howdy Friends! It's been a while! This is going to be my very first time to post about food! hihihi.. I'm actually a food lover! I don't mind getting fat or losing some curves, as long as there is food on the table, hello janine! My best friend and I went on a Bff date last February. Since it's the Valentines month, we decided to make our stomach and mouth busy trying at a Korean Restaurant here in the Philippines, 678 Manila :) The whole restaurant lets you feel as if you're in South Korea. The feeling of a complete resemblance as if you're acting in a Korean Drama. The smell of cooked beef, kimchi stew, different side dishes, and the famous SOJU makes me feel South Korea! So here are some photos I have taken during our Korean Food trip!


Kimchi Stew!!! :) Fave!

No words to express!

Soju... hmmmmmmm.... I still don't understand......


I really had so much fun eating (hahaha yes EATING), despite of me not knowing how to use chopsticks (yes, i had a hard time eating), nevertheless, my best friend and I enjoy and was greatly delightful! Delisyoso! "Bashekta!" 

Until our next food trip!

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