Friday, July 19, 2013

Fun Fun Fun at ze Introspect Salon :)


Talking about Hair Beauty! I have never been into a salon with a friend before, it was always me, myself and I, staring at my hair for hours and getting excited to see its result.

Another First Time! Again, my friend Iya invited me to join her for the Behind the Scenes video shoot of her hair transformation, from Brunette to Blonde at Introspect Salon. I also had the chance to meet Ms. Cai De Leon (owner and chief make-up artist), Sir Rian Gonzales (senior stylist) and Lala Bueneventura (Junior Stylist)........

So here are some of the Photos I have taken while shooting her video and don't forget to visit Introspect Salon at for more details and Missplpify for my Video Edit :)

pretty Iya

the new hair style hahaha 

Picture Mode with Iya :) 

hahaha.. New Hair Style for me! hahaha 

the new BLONDE! 

Left - Right: Sir Rian Gonzales, Me, Ms. Cai De Leon, Ms. Iya Consengco 

Thank you INTROSPECT salon! hahaa.. "lakas makaThankyou!"

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