Sunday, July 7, 2013

A rabbit who wants to be a unicorn

Once upon a time there was a rabbit who wants to be a unicorn.

“When I grow up, I want to be a unicorn”

Everyday, she used to draw pictures of a unicorn and visualize herself to be one; she look up in to sky closed her eyes and dream “What if I really turn into a beautiful unicorn?”

A lot of her friends and family never liked the way she dream, some of them thinks that her dream was to high that it was definitely unreachable, some of them felt pity of her ‘who would even dare to dream such high dream’ and some they just never agreed and tell her to find something else. How different she was from all of them.

Day and night, she tugged herself to sleep and cry silently, why is she so different? Despite of what everyone tells her, she stood up, wiped away her tears and said “I will be the most beautiful unicorn they will ever see, I’ll prove them that”. She put her fingers on her chin “How can I possibly do that!”
On the day she grew up, she blossomed into a fine young rabbit, and her talents graced her beauty, her intelligence reached everyone’s ears. Still, no one had recognized it. She searched and searched, changed her dreams, do what people had expected from her but she wasn't getting any of it.

She weep and weep, “why can’t I be like anybody else!”, “why is it so hard to reach you?” She sat by their window and weep once more “I’m trying so hard to be the very best that I can, why can’t my dreams turn into a reality”

A voice coming from her behind, “Honey, remember what I told you, never give up on something you really want. There are no dreams that is too high or too low, as long as you have the strength to reach it and believe you can, once you understand how things go everyone will like you”
“Like me? Who would even like me? Nobody likes a crazy bunny like me!”
“I do! I just don’t like you. I love you!” she smiles
“Of course, you’re my mother and everyone thinks that it’s just some lousy dream”
“Honey, you can be whatever you want to be as long as you stay true to yourself. So what if you wanted to be a unicorn, that’s your dream, nobody can say ‘don’t dream about that’ every dream needs some obstacle to walk or run on, every dream has a struggle. That’s why it is called a dream, you work hard for it”
“But how will I suppose to that? A rabbit like me can’t turn into a unicorn!”
“Who says you can’t be a unicorn?” she put a unicorn shape headband onto her head and wiped away her tears “You don’t need to be a real unicorn to prove to anyone that you are what you dream to be, look, there’s a beautiful unicorn inside of you, she’s there, waiting to come out and show the world what she’s truly made” she kissed her daughter and before she leaves her room she added “I believe in you, take the courage to make those dreams come true”
She faced her mirror and smiles “I am a unicorn! And I will not give up; this is my way of achieving it, because I believe!” She never gave up, she strived hard and she had achieved her goals in life.
There was once a bunny who once dreamed of becoming a unicorn and she did.

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