Saturday, September 22, 2018

Inspire Me Korea September Box

Howdy! I have another box from Inspire Me Korea and it's the September Street Food Box! I am so happy to received this box because it's all about food! I am always in love with things that is connected to food! So here's whats inside the box, and I hope that whoever has this box would enjoy the same way I do! HAHAHAHAHA.... You can check my unboxing here

What's inside?
- Street Food Magazine, which offers you variants of article about Korean Food
-Indian Corn Snack, a corn snack that gives you a taste of Corn Flakes (it's really yummy! Not too salty, not too sweet...)
-Korean Seaweed, My brothers enjoyed seaweeds together with their rice and they were too happy to have this on the box
-Welcos Facemask, because why not!
-Mochi, it's actually a keychain but can also be a squishy ball! 
-Dumpling maker, you can check at  for dumpling samples :)
-Rolling Mat for making Kimbaps, you can also check a video on how to make your very own kimbap!

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