Thursday, January 11, 2018

Im Mart - Korean Convenient Store

Hello 2018! :) A night trip at the  Korean Lane Pampanga!

Last Christmas, my Aunt and Uncle brought us to the famous Korean Lane in Pampanga! And one of the places we have visited was Im Mart! 
And all my fangirling feels started! 


Finger heart is a must!

Picture is a must!

And so the taste test! 
Well as you all know! The challenge of eating this have been accepted and we're like "SCREAMING TONGUES!" 

Uyu! I have always been dying to taste this and it was like "BANANA!" hahaha yes! Banana Milk! :) 

Bokjoo's sausage well, it was not a sausage... Hmm how to describe this, it taste like cheese with a mixture of "Itlog na pula" and it's not what I think it should taste... Sorry I don't want to eat this again :(((((

Well this is awesome! Delis! Like mah fave from all we have bought from the store! Matcha Matcha Matcha! Loving it so much! <3

I just love being in a Korean Convenient store even if I don't have anything to's like happiness hahahaa... SPICE!

SPICE- Seek Positivity and Indulge Creativity in Everything

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