Monday, December 26, 2016

Kawaii Philippines Year End 2016

Hello Kawaii!:D December 21, 2016, Kawaii Ph Year End Party and 3rd Anniversary was held at Moonleaf Maginhawa. The event was composed of cute music, games and fun filled raffles, giveaways and exchange gifts. :D

Of course the introductory part is still present. Getting to know each other and having new friends was a blast. I have always told you guys that I am extremely shy, but here I am again, shying away from shyness.

Kawaii PH also has a pop up booth for late Christmas shopping :D

Too cute to buy! :) Staring is so much fun as well hahahaha :D

Yummy Chicken Alfredo :D

Kawaii Class Picture! :PPP

With Dolly Kaye 

With Ashley :D

With MISS A (PUrple girls)

With Sachi and Gia :D

With the Powercouple :D

With Chichi :D

It’s only been 4 months since I first visited Kawaii Ph and being with this group of people made me realize the things that I still wanted to achieve in my life. Attending the year end party made my 2016 a happy one!

This organization made me hone my skills even more, to focus on what I really want, to connect with others and even filled my life with positivity more and more.

To my Kawaii heroes :D My inspirations, we may have the same ages or maybe yet I am older, J 25 is just a number J  thank you for this wonderful opportunity of meeting you! You guys are the beeesssst (insert squeaky voice)

 To Ashley, Chichi, Kaye, and I hope one day Kaila super dooper thank you!
Exchange gift from CHICHI :D

Kawaii Giveaways 

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