Friday, November 4, 2016

Hello Kitty Cakes and Desserts :)

Late dream birthday celeb :D

I always wanted to have a taste of this cuties ever since I laid my eyes on it months and months back :D Here's my quick blog on Hello Kitty Dessert Bar!!

with mother :D

Of course Chloe wouldn't miss the chance of taking a photo with her Senior :D

Bolognese and Kawaii Hello Kitty Donut :D

It sooooo adorable! :D

Quick Selfie :D

Heaven! :D

Group Photo 

For a donut! it is soooooo delisyoso! :) Gosh! 

Super Kawaii Cafe :D

All I can say is that the staffs are really friendly and fun :D It's so nice to see them smiling first before experiencing the cafe yourself. :)

The food prices may be a little bit heavy on your pockets but once you taste their food, you can definitely say "Well Spent" for a food :) Besides it's once in a lifetime food feel :D

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