Monday, September 5, 2016


So many Kawaii stuffs, so little time! Yesterday I had the most kawaii moment of my life! Bucket List Dream check! Thanks to my B-side label stickers from Mad Tee Party, I had the chance to see little Japan in a glimpse. 
(The Stay Weird Photo Contest = They gave us BsideLabel Stickers)

I was awed by the presence of so many cuties! From Hello Kitty to Rilakkuma, from Pokemon’s to Sailormoon, and gosh the doll dresses and shoes made my eyes opened widely (unfortunately my wallet didn’t agreed!) Anyhoo, I was so happy to see it for real after how many months of wishing :D
Kawaii Headquarters is located at Tandang Sora, under the Crystal Clear :D
Kawaii Ph Headquarters gives Kawaii/Japan Culture enthusiasts to a taste of Japan and the same time, patronize the Filipino made dresses, handmade products and creativity of our fellow Filipino Artists who take their time and efforts in sharing them to all of us. At the same time this is all an opportunity for us to share their artistic skills to our families and friends!

Without any further ado, here are some of the photos I have taken at kawaiiph.   
(Kawaii Stuffs from Rainbowholic Shop= 

(DollyKaye =


(Kawaii B-sidelabel Stickers)
More stickers!

(Whimsicute corner =

(Had to take photo's of my Twin Sailormooooon! But why are you so expensive!) 


Dresses :D

Ze famous Mad Tee Party Shirt :D

And Rilakkuma! (placed my baby chloe in the middle hihihih, cause she wants to join the fun tooo!)

Not just that! I also had the chance to meet my favorite Kawaii Artist Little Miss Paintbrush Chichi :D

Brought my momma with me! :)

And look at these Kawaii Standees! :)

If you guys missed this chance to see or experience Kawaiines, don't worry because Kawaii Garage Sale opens every end of the month! Just follow their social media accounts because they all keep us posted! :) 

Bought a mini Pikachu and a little Eren :)
Thank you Kawaii PH for this awesome Freebies as well! :)
My baby Chloe is soooo happy! :) 

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