Sunday, August 14, 2016

MY name is Ylona Garcia!

Yesterday, August 14, 2016, PBB Second Place Big Winner Ylona Garcia held her second Album Tour at Fairview Terraces and despite of the heavy rains, the tour was a success.

Ylona’s character was very simple, light yet full of joy and liveliness. She gave the fans her sweet smiles and waves and gave her power belting performance. It was like hearing the record as if it was actually recorded. Her voice was incredibly magnificent in person. I was gushing watching this young girl singing so soulfully that I myself couldn’t help but to stare.

The reason I have watched the show was because my little brother has this baby crush on Ylona. So as an Ate, I came to support with my fast photography skills and cheers.

She sang three of her songs in her Album, the prelude My name is Ylona Garcia, her carrier single Dahan dahan dahan lang, her song for her fans Each Day, and Not your bae. After showing her powerful voice, the fans lined up to have a special meet and greet session with Ylona.

I can say that whole album tour was super fun! Ylona had extended her hand in meeting her fans with glee. She really entertained them with a smile on her face leaving them with a thankful message from her heart.

Her album My name is Ylona Garcia is Available on all record bars here in the Philippines for only 250php. She’ll be touring around the Philippines to promote her self-titled album.  
HIhihih Fangirling over my brother's cutenesssss!!!

Heart na Heart ni Ate!!

Ofcourse! I also grab the chance of taking a photo with YLONA!! :)

Ylona’s Album had showed her different sides from a rocker babe, simple cutie, girl next door, to your singer-song writer theme. The album has nine tracks and some songs where actually composed by her (What a talent! Insert Barbie’s Voice).
The album cover and design as my baby brother says “Lahat Maganda!” Everything is beautiful! The album is simply a Philippines album design J hihihihi…

Prelude (My name is Ylona Garcia) – Music and Lyrics by Ylona Garcia
Not you bae - Music and Lyrics Marion Aunor

Stop Think - Music and Lyrics Aliya Parcs

Don’t say good bye - Music and Lyrics Ylona Garcia

Fly tonight - Music and Lyrics Nica Del Rosario
Each Day - Music and Lyrics Ylona Garcia

Stop the Bully – Music by Jamie Rivera, Rox Santos and Jonathan Manalo and Lyrics Jamie Rivera

Win the Fight - Music and Lyrics Ylona Garcia

Dahan Dahan Dahan Lang - Music and Lyrics Ylona Garcia
(Carrier Single)

The songs where actually heart melting for me. I felt like I was back on my 16 year old self when I feel like nothing seems to be going right. And then here’s Ylona singing this song for me that everything is going to be alright. The lyrics hit me as if she is older than me. The fact that she’s only 14 and gosh I am 24! But still the songs moved me especially the song Fly Tonight (In a dace I am trying struggling to remember how it was when my heart left no room for fear I just don’t want the world to leave me behind at least wait till I put on my wings who doesn’t long for bigger wings)  and Each Day (Don’t feel insecure Yeah don’t feel bad Always be who you are Cause you’re perfect You are perfect).
My life has been a daze for a moment, it’s like everything is not going on track but hearing Ylona’s songs made me hear God’s words (hey look I am sending a message to you so don’t you worry I got you)

Thank you YLONA! Not only for making my baby brother smile but also sharing your wonderful talent to us! J Your really going to be big! 

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