Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Handmade Souvenirs :)

Howdy guys! 2 months ago, my aunt requested me and my mom to help her with some souvenir ideas for her only daughter on her 7th birthday. As a clay and felt maker, I have suggested key chains, but making felts isn't easy for large amount of souvenirs. So she suggested to this idea of BAGS :)

Making handmade bags can be really pricey, especially when it comes to the cloths that are used and the hours of work being put to one bag.

I was really having fun making this kind of bags, it's really tiring but once you see the final product, you'll be super happy and amazed.

I have forgotten to take more pictures while making it because I was in the "HYPE" mode. But you can still check out my #Jigglypuff #handmade bag in my previous blog for DIY purposes :) hihihii

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