Sunday, May 17, 2015


Sometimes we used to think that it’s okay to make mistakes “Okay lang magkamali”, I’ll be back on my feet again “babangon ako muli” but the truth is it’s just our way of telling ourselves “Be careful bin what you’re going to do” without intentionally doing it.

We don’t notice it because we’re already saying that we screwed up, even if it’s not yet happening we judged ourselves according to what we perceive ourselves.

We hated the way people talked about us but sometimes we are the first people who judged our own self and partially agreeing in what they are saying and sulking all over the place in our denial state of mind. We look strong in firm but actually were as fragile as we can be. We’re still young and still have the world to chase, don’t screw it all up just because you’re doubting that you can’t do it. Because my dear friend you could!

You’re no accident in this world, you are born with a purpose, don’t ask why you exist, because the moment you are born, you have the reason to live, breath in and see the wonders of life. Don’t be too hard on yourself because nobody is judging your flaws. Find a way to seek that existence, do what you love, live with no regrets.

Follow that dream!  

You are here for a reason
You’re a part of an intricate plan.
You’re precious and a perfect unique deisgn.

Called God’s special woman or man
You look like you look for a reason
Our god made no mistake
He knit you together within the womb
You’re just what he wanted you to make
The parents you had where the ones he chose.

And no matter how you feel they were custom designed with Gods plan in mind
And they bear the masters real
-          Russel Kelfer

Page 7: Coffee and Tea (live to inspire)

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