Monday, October 7, 2013


Sometimes I think that there's something wrong with me
I use to lay my head on my pillow thinking what went wrong
Am I designed to be like this 
Or the trials of time made me who I am today
I keep on wondering, how in the world am I supposed to fit in
Everyone has their own way of perspective
Everyone knows what path to take
And here I am drowning in my own dreams
Day dreaming that one day it might come true
But when will that happen......
Today, Tomorrow, Next Week, Next year or Never

Sometimes I worry about the things I hear from different people
I over think about the things they say
I tried not to listen 
But everyday it keeps bugging me 
I know I am Okay
I know that this life is the life I made
and I have talents and wisdom to share
But why am I feeling this way?

Sometimes I doubt the capacity that I can give
That I am not good enough 
Or I am not someone who can give the best shot
I always tried to be the very best that I can be
But there is always lacking
My self esteem is scattered everywhere
I don't know how to pick up all the guts in the world

Sometimes I wonder where did all the intelligence go
Am I so lazy to stand up when God showered intelligence?
Or I am just designed to be like this
Unwary, Unappreciated......... etc etc....

Sometimes I close my eyes and think that this feelings never existed..... 

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