Tuesday, January 16, 2018

St. Andrew the Apostle Parish

Viva San Adres the Apostle! 

The Altar (2016)

In year 2016, the church’s altar was reconstructed to fit in the baroque inspired sanctuary just like what we always see at churches in Rome. But Last Year, 2017, was a remarkable year for the newly reconstructed Parish. It was the church’s “festivity”,November 30, 2017 when the church was fully opened and welcomes church goers to witness the beauty of the newly built church.

St. Andrew the Apostle Parish had come from it’s classical and simplified stature to a elaborate, more ethereal fa├žade that would make you feel like you’re in Roma!

The church was built during the 1950’s and the church had been a symbol of strength for the church had stood the test of obstacles in time and calamities. The Church was eaten by fire way back in March 31, 1959 and to preserve it’s original abode, the church was reconstructed at October 2,1961.

Here are some photo glimpses of St. Andrew Apostle Parish from way back the 1950’s to present. 



From it's simple colors of bronze, white and brown it's colors had changed from today's church as Gold, Gray, Red, white and blue colors that represents like the Sun and Skies.  it's ceiling from simple bronze structured design it was now painted with exquisite paintings of Christ Passion of the cross.  


Come and visit one of the tourist attractions of Norzagaray Bulacan! Viva San Andres!

Thursday, January 11, 2018

Im Mart - Korean Convenient Store

Hello 2018! :) A night trip at the  Korean Lane Pampanga!

Last Christmas, my Aunt and Uncle brought us to the famous Korean Lane in Pampanga! And one of the places we have visited was Im Mart! 
And all my fangirling feels started! 


Finger heart is a must!

Picture is a must!

And so the taste test! 
Well as you all know! The challenge of eating this have been accepted and we're like "SCREAMING TONGUES!" 

Uyu! I have always been dying to taste this and it was like "BANANA!" hahaha yes! Banana Milk! :) 

Bokjoo's sausage well, it was not a sausage... Hmm how to describe this, it taste like cheese with a mixture of "Itlog na pula" and it's not what I think it should taste... Sorry I don't want to eat this again :(((((

Well this is awesome! Delis! Like mah fave from all we have bought from the store! Matcha Matcha Matcha! Loving it so much! <3

I just love being in a Korean Convenient store even if I don't have anything to buy...it's like happiness hahahaa... SPICE!

SPICE- Seek Positivity and Indulge Creativity in Everything

Sunday, December 31, 2017

Another Kdrama Feels Adventure

When your life has finally reached its peak and you just can’t ignore it! (Oo na bes, malala na siya) Whenever I watched a kdrama I just can’t help but to recognize the simplest things and turned it into a photo blog.
The funny thing about this kdrama feels is that we can actually see it everywhere we just have to fully appreciate the things that surround us. (well, thank you to their product placements I feel so close to my Kdrama Routine (Huwat? Routine na talaga bes! Kasi kinain na po ung sistema!) South Korea is way too far for me to reach, so as much as this kdrama feels could take me, I just also love exploring my own country as well, it’s like hitting two birds in one stone.
I am not just enjoying some view but I am learning!
So before the year ends (sinagad ko na) here’s my other take of my own Kdrama Feels for the………….. 4th time :D

Convenience Store ala W the Mini Stop 
Convenience stores in a kdrama is a very convenient scene where our heroines get hungry for ramen, soju or a place to meet their friends. Sometimes this place is also where the story starts or where a certain back story happens or just basically one of the "Common" work for our bida. I remember how ParK Shin Ye's character in Pinocchio where she was crying and telling teenagers that if they don't study they'll end up like her. And how Park So Dam in Cinderella and the 4 knights take every food that is about to expire home. (Pero ang mas maganda ito rin ang tagpuan ng mga tropa bago lumarga, lalo na kung bago ka sa isang lugar. Pwede ung may 7, pwede dun sa stop)

Penguin @ Miniso like While you were sleeping
Because Miniso never fails to give us unlimited chills of cuteness because of their plushies. From our dear Mr. Buckwheat from this over size cute Penguin, our fangirl hearts are melting and it's unstoppable! (extremely broke and need funds) 

                        I always love how Oppa gets super excited whenever there’s chicken involved (not to mention his on a strict diet). It’s like most of us, yes, sometimes I get tired of eating chicken but no matter what happens it makes us/me happy. “Isa nga pong Bucket meal” ,“Hindi lang yun, masarap kayang sabaw sa kanin ung gravy”, (Bucket hindi kita kayang hindi isabaw – gravy)

SBARRO ala Queen Rings
                        Because Kim SeulGi! Sbarro, you know it’s Sbarro if it has the Italian flag waving at you. My best friend really loved this pizza, well she loves Pizza, and she reminds me so much of how the line “I feel better after smelling pizza!” because literally she gets energize just by seeing PIZZA!

Make Up Like Bokjoo
                        Remember that moment when Bok Joo’s going to meet Joon Hyung and with the help of her Laneige Lipstick it felt like everything is perfect. "Sana ako din may Joon Hyung"

PlayGround ala Missing you
Another meeting place is the Play ground! I think almost every kdrama has this! Most of the characters would talk at the swing and then suddenly realize their feelings, their friendships, their life, their careers etc. sometimes this place is also the one of the most notable scene with too much feels in it! :D

Anchors Away ala BokJoo and Joo Hyuk Feels!
Yes NamLee Feels! Remember when Joohyuk had faced his fear on rides just to connect his feelings for Bok Joo? Yes this is it! I never liked Anchor's Away because it makes my stomach up up and away! But I would love to have this Anchors Away feels with hahaha (arte-arte)

MRT ala “Tomorrow with you”
This was fun! Despite of all the “Aberya” our MRT has, (special thanks to my ninang for accompanying me in this ride) I still made my Korean feels come true! If only I could travel to the future and see if I have really accomplished my Korean Dream I would be happy! Hihihi but nevertheless, it was really a smooth ride, thank you Lord okay ung biyahe!
Polaroid like She’s Beautiful
                        For starters like me, I can’t really afford taking pictures with a Polaroid. Yes, all of the pictures I used are printed on paper and it took me a hard time to make angles kasi kita ung mga sulat sa likod hehehe scratch paper kasi (save the trees by saving paper). One day I’ll have one toooo! Pero di pa ngayon! 

Another way of experiencing KDRAMA is through photography. I could not say that I am good photographer since all I do is like Picture blogging; basically the different angles, the so called pretty shots and the instagramable photos are the things that invite us to scroll more photos of our favorite bloggers, artist, and photographers.

So here are some of the KDRAMA scenery that I have tried during my weekly trips (well Monthly) with my friends and family.

Scenery (I remember you, Cheese in the Trap, Goblin, Tomorrow with you – suitable for pictorials: mapaCouple man or Barkada) This places can be seen in the corner of your street, in a place where there’s a lot of trees, overpass, or on MRT, just make sure you can take the best angle and best shot and add some props too! So you can take that perfect KoreanDrama Vibe for your cover photo and profile pic! Here are some of the easy photo samples I did as I tour my own KRV (KoreanVibe)!

Uy! Cheesy!
"minsan sa anguluhan lang talaga yan" 

Taken at my Alma Mater :D

Oh I remember you!


The Goblin's Bride!

The Tulay of Feels!

As seen on Goblin

As seen as Fight for my Way