Wednesday, May 24, 2017

KDRAMA: Fashion Pegs (part 1)

I am not really a fashionable person,but I do love taking photos of the clothes I wear (you can check out my lookbook here I don't buy my clothes:all my stuffs were hand me down and some were gifts from Family, but since I am now on my mid 20's I tried my best to look good for myself and be happy staring at the clothes that I wear :D

So here are the Kdrama Fashion pegs that I did for April and May :D



KIM GO EUN's Ji Euntak and Hong Seol

:) until next time! How about you guys? What's your fashion peg? 

Saturday, May 20, 2017

Kdrama FEELS: Food Review

This blog is dedicated to my unnie who is superbly supportive in everything that I do! Thank you for sponsoring this stuffs! Hugs and Kisses! :)

After posting my KDrama feels in the Philippines last last last week, my best friend surprised me with Korean stuffs such as Ramen, Morning Rice and ginseng drink. Now, we can all do this Kdrama feels at home :) So here's some of the photos I have taken :) Lets have some Kdrama feeeeeeeeels!

Basically here are the "FOOD" that we usually see in Korean Dramas!

(Price range from 220php and above per pack)

The K2 scene! 

a. Hot Chicken Flavor - Define "Maanghang!!"  Spicy Noodles to the bones! I was actually warned by my best friend to not put all the spice in it, but since I wanted to feel this noodle thingy "BINUHOS KO NG BONNGA!" It looks like a noodle dressed as a spaghetti, just exclude the hot-dogs and beef :) If you're not a spicy person like me, "ay magkalimutan na" it's really spicy you won't even know it's real taste.

look at those SPICESSSSS! 

b. Seafood Ramen - Well, I could say that this ramen is not spicy enough compared to Hot Chicken Flavored noodles. Hmmmm how to say this, it's spicy but not that spicy "tamang anghang lang" because you can still taste the SEAFOOD in it! 

Overall it's taste is different than our pansit, it has a bigger packaging, and it will really leave you "busog" 

My rating would be 8/10 :D

2. Woongjin Korean Morning Rice Drink 
Price - 180php

The Flower Boy Next Door Morning Rice scene :D 

Made my slogan for this "Once you taste it you can't resist" okay, well it's according to my taste buds

At first the taste is like "AM" (the unang kulo of your sinaing but with a sweeter taste) I can't really distinguish it's taste if it's like Soya Milk or just rice. Its just amazed me how this could taste good, it could be a great partner for your spicy ramen. It would clearly help you tolerate the spice. It's also good for your stomach! :D

Taste Rating: 8/10 

3. Soju! 
Prices may vary on different convenient stores here in the Philippines 

Okay, Alcoholic drinks never taste good! Since I don't drink, first taste is like no comment (PARA SA KDRAMA FEELS KO TINIKMAN KO SIYA!) I just don't understand why in Kdrama's they like it so much! hahaha (acting requires good facial expression I guess) 

It taste like medicine, HAHAHA, they said it's also a nice combination for ramen :) Because I don't drink, I gave it to my uncles to taste it! Sorry Chingu Yah! :)

taste rate: 5/10

4. Korean Resto!
And if you really want to taste AUTHENTIC KOREAN DISH and experience the Korean Vibe  you can visit Annyeong 678 at the Mall of Asia Arena! I promise you, you can really enjoy Korean dish here! And if you're really a Korean Show fan you would get a little kilig to know that it's Kang Hodong's Resto :D

(1,300php approx for two people)

The famous wrap in Kdrama's "BOSSAM" 
The first thing we always eat on every Korean restaurant! That feeling when you ate it all you can do is say "Mashittda" (taste good!) With Shrimp sauce, kimchi and add some rice of course don't forget your beef/pork, you can surely enjoy this Bossam with your friends! 

taste rate: sibjeom manjeome sibjeom! 10 out of 10 :D

Spicy Tteokbokki 
It taste like kimchi but better, there are some spices that was added, I don't really know what it's called but it actually complements the rice cake. It has ramen in it, (it looks like spaghetti because of it's large cheese in it) It also has fish cake and eggs in it! "Isang caldero ang size niya" Good for two to three persons or more! :) The only thing that I don't understand is the more you eat it, the more it taste different "Sometimes masarap, sometimes walang lasa, sometimes sakto lang!" 

taste rate: 8/10

Kimchi Stew
Overall Kimchi with soup hihihih, I don't have much to explain about this dish, all I can say is it taste really Kimchi! hahahaha :D It's nice if you combine this with rice :) "Para busog talaga" 
Taste Rate: 7/10 

Overall Korean dish is "Nakakabusog"! It's not just one ulam and that's it! There are lot's of side dishes that would make your stomach full! 

I hope you enjoy my mini food review about the food we used to see in Kdrama's! :) Until Next time! 

Monday, May 1, 2017

Korean Drama Feels: Pinay Style (Part 2)

  "Inspired by Anagon's polaroid photo style-"

Hi guys! Okay, pardon me with my extreme fangirling but I would like to share to you this once in a lifetime dream experience, after posting my Kdrama Feels Part 1 Pinay Style, I was featured in one of the online articles in Candy Magazine! I was so excited to share to you guys about it, I immediately compiled the places I have visited to re-live my Korean Drama Dream. 

Who would have thought that a girl like me could be featured in their online site. Again, to Ms. Ayessa, super thank you for finding me! And shoutout to the coolest ate Ana Gonzales for reading and retweeting my post :) <3 <3 it means a lot to me :)

So Part 2 it is! :) 

1. SNAP! CLICK! PICTURE ANNYEONG HASEYO! (As seen in Love in the Moonlight, Empress Ki, The Secretdoor, #HistoricalDramas)- If you want to play dress with your best friend like your favorite historical drama's visit Hwaroro Restaurant! Not just only you can experience Korean Buffet, but after pigging out for almost 2 hours you can enjoy taking photos with Korea's national costume and take as many photos you want (no time limit, just be careful wearing their clothes, and place them back in their proper place. WARNING: SUPER HOT PLACE! You would really sweat so much!)

Special thanks to my best friend who smiled and pose for me! Supporting each other since tweeeenies! :) See "hindi ka blarredddd" hahahah

see!! the crown prince approves! :)
you can also check my Hwaroro Blog here:

Pahabol :) You can also meet your favorite STANDEE of Love in the Moonlight at ABS-CBN! Fangirling alert!

2. Magical Walls - (as seen in Heartstrings) Just like Lee Shin and Lee Gyu Won, we can also experience this 3D museum here in the Philippines. Art in Island is one of the Biggest trick art museum here in the Philippines for 500php for adults and 400php for students! You can enjoy it for 2-3 hours :) But if your in some low budget experience, you can also visit Miracle Art Happy World Museum, for only 300php adults and 250 students. Don't forget to follow their Facebook, because they also have limited promo on every occasion. 

Visited the Miracle Art Museum for only 80php at Market Market! 
special thanks to my Momma for the photo :) And special thanks to little brother for being ze mowdel! :)

3. Tours Le Jours (scene from Dream High 1) – If we wanted to feel that kilig moment like Wooyoung and IU’s character in Dream High, we can visit Tours Le Jours here in the Philippines. Not to mention their cute cakes and super yummy French macaroons.

4. Cherry Bougainvillea (Winter the Wind Blows) – since Cherry Blossoms is not available here in Manila, but can be experienced and seen in Benguet, we can still enjoy the beauty of our Bougainvillea tree ala “Winter the Wind Blows”, well since Philippines is a tropical country “Ang init ng Simoy ng hangin!” is most suitable! (hahahahaha….) See! It’s super pretty! 

insert winter the wind blows music: Sarang chon chon chona...

5. Baskin Robbins (Goblin) and ICE-CREAM! (Strong Woman Do Bong Soon) – in connection to the tropical heat of our country, ICE-Cream is the best way to “tawid our tag-init”, we can call our "Mamang Sorbetero" as he lets you choose "kung sa apa ba, o sa tinapay, sampu ba o bente". We can also imitate this super cute couple with our very own cat ears! Hihihihi

Hyungshik: Eto na! Nililibre na kita!

6. Subway – the super famous subway! Gosh! I could remember how the Goblin ate his sandwich while Ji Eun Tak watches him with anger! Ahahha of course who would forget the captain and the doctor! “Ang sarap po nila kumain! Nakakainggit!” And so I traveled all the way to SM MegaMALL just to take the experience of "the SUBWAY!" J

Song Joong ki: "Ano nahanap mo ba ung Subway? Inaala ka namin ni Hye Kyo"
Me: "Wag po kayong mag-alala natagpuan ko na siya! Annyeong kay Unnie!"

7. Fishball! Kikiam! Isaw! Barbeque! Adidas! KwekKwek (seen in Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo)– “Ilan lang yan sa pagkaing pinoy na matatagpuan dito sa Pilipinas! Mura na, busog ka pa! un nga lang amoy usok ka na!” Like Bok Joo and Joo Hyuk, we can also experience our very own street foods here in the Philippines, not to mention the almost “eat all you can feelkapag nagbilang ka na kung ilan ang nakain mo!
yes, we are all like BOK JOO :) sarap kaya ng street food!

8. Coffee Shops (as seen in all Korean Dramas) – Well, even ordinary people like us go to coffee shops to meet our friends, some client meetups or just casual conversations with your momma and poppa and siblings! It’s one of the best places that we can study, doodle, and day dream!

9. Restaurant! (scene in Oh my Venus) – “Yes, puro chibog talaga tong blog na to!” if there is the one place that all of us can truly relate is eating at a restaurant with our family! Especially after Sunday Masses, or on special occasions like birthdays, graduation, and holidays! Or minsan "Kain lang talaga!" The best way we can bond with our family and talk freely with no one judging you J
there are also restaurants here in the Philippines that would let you eat with your hands. "Diba parang probinsya feels lang!"

you can also relive your swag goals with your friends on your favorite resto! :)

10. Church (seen from Missing You)  (“sa hinaba-haba man ng prusisyon sa simbahan din ang tuloy” - A Filipino Proverb) ­after long hours of walk, minutes of failed shots we have come to the proper destination where we can pray all our hearts out to our Father that this dream of ours would come true! Sabay kayong haharap sa altar ng kaibigan mong magkahawak kamay at mag dasal ‘Lord! Kayo na po bahala sa pangarap ko, isama niyo na rin ang oppa ko” hihihihii

besides.... there are a lot of beautiful churches here in the Philippines to explore :) 
My mom used to tell me that if it's your first time to a certain church don't forget to knock at the church door first and then you can make a wish :)

TIP: If you’re just like me, still saving money for “The Korean Drama Dream”, here are the things that I did if ever I have set my foot in Korea. I have pile all my sparkling magazine where tourist guide is place at the “FAN SPOT” section and mark the places that are almost on the same route or the can be visited just by walking near the different landmarks in Seoul (hihihi talagang inaayos ko for future preferences, we’ll never know diba). Here are the shots of the Sparkling Magazines I have, because Sparkling is one step towards your Oppa, I mean Dream Country! (ahahahtalagatoh!)

kung pwede lang mag teleport hihihi :D

I hope you liked my Kdrama Tour here in the Philippines! Experience our home now, so that by the time we could be able to fly and set our foot to our dream destination we can all be reminiscing this moment, that once upon a time, I was just touring this Kdrama feels here in the Philippines and NOW, I am here, In SOUTH KOREA, living the dream! Isang matinding Aja for all of us! We can achieve our dreams SOOOOON! BELIEVE! J

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