Sunday, February 1, 2015

The 50's LookBook

Howdy friends! 
Lets talk about vintage!
Nanay's Lookbook

As I was browsing one of my aunt's cabinet, I have found the most amazing, never seen before photo's of my grandparents, especially my grandmother. It's quite to surreal to see these old photos as if it was just taken yesterday. I was awed with the feeling, I loved to live in a world of black and white. I love how the touch of vintage shivers my body and fell in love with the romantic midst of the photograph. 

Now that these kind of fashion statement is back on track, many young girls had adored the sophisticated type of dresses that would really bring back the vibe of the 40's, 50's and so on. I can say that fashion never gets old, its just getting better and brighter! 

Here's a bonus photo of me and my grandma! :) tehhhheeeeee... Loooook at those legs! :D

Monday, January 19, 2015

Nail Scale :)

Howdy friends!

Last year, I have a mixed fun day on how I would be entirely creative for the remaining months of 2014. I was in an approximate level of just wondering my thoughts out there and started to make something with my nails. And I have only realize that when I started doing some nail arts I just find it a little bit hard to do my clay arts, creative stuffs and CHORES, because I don't want to ruin my nails! hahahahaha...  Yes! I can deliberately say I am a girly girl! :) hAHahahaha

Anyways, here are some photos of the Nailarts I had last year :)

So hows your Nail Story hahahaha.. :) 

Friday, January 16, 2015

Another Fairy Tale to remember :)

Last January 4, 2015, I have witness another breathtaking moments of love. As I stare into deep thinking, I was in awe when I first say my Uncle and future Aunts invitation. I was like Oh my Gee, this is really is it! Another fairy tale of a lifetime :)

I can say that true love still exist in our generation, that forever can still be found, and my uncle and aunt had vowed for that forever together. Seeing them all smiles as they wait for one another, my heart was filled with so much "Kilig" I couldn't explain. 

Being part of one of the principal sponsors, I have seen that excitement Ate Kaye has, when she wore her dress, getting ready for the moment of truth. As tears drops on her mom's eyes, her friends starting to wipe their tears away as they laughed with happiness and amusement that their "Kaye" is finally getting married to the man who made his happily ever after a reality. :)

So without any further ado, here are the photos of that fairy tale reality :)

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Papal Visit 2015!

Hello 2015 :)

The visitation of Pope Francis or Lolo Kiko (Filipinos nickname for the Pope)  in the Philippines was the best ways to say Hello to 2015. I was so ecstatic when I found out that Pope Francis would be visiting the Philippines on 2015; the Pope in the Philippines!? A once in a lifetime opportunity, a story you could share to the next generation, a history of that one significant moment.

The Pope was set to arrive at January 15, 2015 at the Villamor Airbase at 5:45 pm, and every Filipinos, waited patiently for him to arrive. I could never forget how some of us watch every Live News on the Arrival of  Lolo Kiko on their small cellphone screens as they share the news to everyone beside them. A group of volunteers even taught us that when the Pope arrives we should say "Lolo Kiko! Lolo Kiko! Tequiromos mucho!" (means Lolo Kiko, I love you very much). In a glimpse of seconds, everyone started screaming when Lolo Kiko had shared his smile on the window of his plane. What's more exciting is when everyone clap, cheer, scream, laughed and witness that somehow slow motion effect when the plane doors where finally opened and there Pope Francis sharing his smile to everyone.

And when the moment of truth finally arrive, I have witnessed that very moment I only see in the back of my TV screens,  all I can say is that magic had come into my very eyes, it was like sound of music banging in my ear, the cheers of everyone started to become a melody, everyone raising their phones to capture that beautiful moment, everyone screaming, and everyone was excited. As soon as his mobile had crossed, beautiful screams echoed in every corner of a Filipino's heart, that moment, when hours and hours of waiting, tiredness, suddenly fade away, when laughter and cheers where painted on their faces, fulfilled and blessed.

"Kinikilig ako sobra!!" seeing Lolo Kiko on my very eyes, it even took me a minute or two to finally sink it in my brain, that gosh I have seen him in flesh! I was there! I was one of the thousands! Thanks to my awesome uncles for bringing me, my mom and my brother to watch that beautiful event! It was like Fiesta all over! I'm so lucky to have witnessed this blessed event that I think every Filipinos would be proud of.

Here are some photos I would like to share to all of you :)

MRT (Quirino) 

Selfie with the Crowd :DDD

San Jose Printing Press Gave Free Prayer Books to everyone :)

Everyone waiting Patiently for that special moment to come :)

Volunteers who are collecting trash to keep the vicinity clean :)

Youth Organizations started singing on the streets to give everyone energy boost "Hallelujah" 

Police in waiting :)

Put your Androids Up! :)

MOMENT OF TRUTH! (Happily cheering for Lolo Kiko!)

Video of Pope Francis here:) 

Family Selfie! :) 

#POPETYSM Thank you for always reminding us to be compassionate to others, to always lead ourselves in the rightness and goodness of God and lastly to always be thankful for everyday! Thank you Pope Francis! Mabuhay ka! Thank you for visiting the Philippines! Mahal ka Namin!

Photos taken by EJ Davis and me :) teheeeee

Saturday, December 27, 2014

Message Bracelets :)

I have been working on my message bracelets since I was very young. Because of my low self esteem, my mom gave me my very first message bracelet with a curving "Believe", that I have turned into a necklace. Yes, having poor self esteem doesn't give me a boost, it pulls me down, flat on the ground. It didn't gice me anything but poor satisfaction of myself. I was even cautious of moving myself because I was so scared to be judge. Having them on my wrist gives me a boost on to never give up on anything, even if the world knocks you down.

Until now, my message bracelets had helped me through a lot of worrying troubles and doubts that I keep reminding myself to be cool (thank you Lord for guiding me). Because of my message bracelets I was guided to keep myself grounded whenever I felt pain, excitement, anguish, doubts and fear.

I was pretty young back then, all I care about was "what is the existential existence I wanted to have?" I don't care if I only have few friends (at least they were real), I don't care if I sat alone in the cafeteria (at least I have the best viand my mom had made), I don't care if I wasn't as good as others (because I'm severely one and only, unique and limited edition). I was pessimistic, yet optimistic. I doubt but I believe. It's kind of complicated to be me. My mind have been into a lot of whirlwind adventures and it's extensively surreal.

Because of the way I think and the way I visualize myself, the people surrounding me thinks I needed someone to talk to for help, it's like I'm terribly crazy living in this real world and kind of trap in my so called reality. Reality check, I'm okay, I just wore this things, make this things, to remind myself to never give up, to be in motion in my faith and to never let go of God's hand. I may have low self-esteem but I can carry myself and can be the best I can be:) Simple as that, but to think that people may go on rationalizations on the way I think is way way over the top.

Here's one thing kids, never lose hope, never give up on something you really want, yes, there's so many obstacles along the corner, all you have to do is be brave, be bold and take those risks. For me, I have this on my hands to serve as a reminder, and sometimes a wake up call that I'm not getting any younger, it's time to move those feet out there and explore the wonders of reality :)

Here are some of my message bracelets samples that I'm sharing with my friends and online friends :)

If you guys want some of my bracelets, you can ORDER some here:

Saturday, November 22, 2014


To my best friend:

Hi! It's been a long time since I saw you sitting at my bed
Talking about the memories you had with a boy you used to love
It's been a long time when we once drink hot choco while talking for hours
Those days when everything we do was ours

Then one day you just started to ignore me just like what other people do
Never returned text messages (thinking maybe, you're just busy)
You locked yourself in those four walls
Never wanting to answer any of my calls

I just wanted to know if you're okay
Because I really do miss you
If there's something you wanted to tell me
I have all ears all day and night

But if you just wanted to be alone
I would really do understand
So before I end this poetry that I had in mind
Please don't leave me just like what others have done

Because you're the best friend that I look up too
The older sister I would love to listen too
The person I am happy to call my Ying...
I hope that one day we'll be both singing
the tunes of our dreams...
See youuuuuuu :)