Monday, October 15, 2018


It's another Inspire me Korea Box and now for the month of October! Feels, feels, feels! I always get excited whenever my box is coming! My Korean feels couldn't get happier! For this month of October, IMK offers a tradition box that would somehow bring you back during the reign of Queen Seondeok!

(Trivia: Queen Seondeok was the first woman who battled her way into the Imperial line and was King Jinpyeong's successor. )

What's inside the box! :) 

- Korean Lucky Bag/Bukjumeoni- is a traditional lucky bag that brings fortune to it's holder. Traditionally, it comes with five colors; red, blue, yellow, white and black that symbolizes the five elements in Asian Philosophy. 

- Tradition Magazine - would give you information about Korean Folktales, Beauty, Places, languages and quiz. 
-Post Card- Imk's collaboration with artist Jang Hyeon Ju with a note that says "You're as beautiful as a flower"
-Hahoe- a traditional Korean mask that has exaggerated features that depict each masks character! This Hahoe is a DIY feature that you can color :D 

-Facial Mask- For a glowing face and a best beauty routine just for you!

Mikwang - my favorite part of the box, I have always loved rice pops when I was young, so having this on the October box makes my heart and tummy happy! :)

By the way, here's my unboxing video on youtube!

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