Saturday, November 22, 2014


To my best friend:

Hi! It's been a long time since I saw you sitting at my bed
Talking about the memories you had with a boy you used to love
It's been a long time when we once drink hot choco while talking for hours
Those days when everything we do was ours

Then one day you just started to ignore me just like what other people do
Never returned text messages (thinking maybe, you're just busy)
You locked yourself in those four walls
Never wanting to answer any of my calls

I just wanted to know if you're okay
Because I really do miss you
If there's something you wanted to tell me
I have all ears all day and night

But if you just wanted to be alone
I would really do understand
So before I end this poetry that I had in mind
Please don't leave me just like what others have done

Because you're the best friend that I look up too
The older sister I would love to listen too
The person I am happy to call my Ying...
I hope that one day we'll be both singing
the tunes of our dreams...
See youuuuuuu :)

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