Tuesday, July 1, 2014


"There's a girl in my mirror, I wonder who she is" 

So here i am posting a mirror….

I always hated mirrors when i was growing up, (because i always see myself as the uglyduckling who will never get noticed and be left out of the rest of my life) Oh well that’s me and my dramatic years when i was a teenager. I guess all of you can relate to this. 

For me, mirrors are the only thing that shows us the truth on how we see ourselves whether it’s good or bad……but sometimes mirrors can also lie because they don’t see what is running inside our head… what they see is the outer appearance/perspective of ourselves…… Sometimes mirrors shut downs the things we don’t want to see and switched on the things we want to see……..

Here’s a thing, mirrors might have different messages for all of us, all we have to do is to look to it as a reminder that we are humans created with imperfections, imperfections that makes us a stronger and better person. Yes, I was afraid of mirrors because of the imperfections i see, but it’s one way ticket of acceptance and believing to one self  we should all embrace our imperfections and be happy for every single gift God has showered upon us 

hahahah awkwardly posting my tumblr post :)))

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