Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Kdrama Feels: Pinay Version Part 3

Yes, and my Kdrama Feels goes on! Basically everything in my Kdrama feels happen on every corner (like we do this almost all our lives) of my Lupang Sinilangan as much as I wanted to feel the exact kdrama feels, I am still here day dreaming of that one day and despite of the miles and miles away difference, I am enjoying it!

Before I start this new blog of mine, I am and will be always grateful to everyone who had read my blog! It means a lot to me! So for this next kdrama trip, I still hope you would like it!

1.       Commute way ala Fight my Way – Bus
a.      In order to fulfill the Kdrama way, of course, you need to take a ride and experience it! One of the busiest transportation here in Manila second to our pambansang Jeepney, and me and my barkada say “Rush Hour na! Malamang standing ovation with matching palakpakan tayo mga bes!”  Just make sure to hold on to the bus bars for safety “basta si manong di masyadong mapreno, promise di ka masusubsob!”

2.       Grocery ala W:TwoWorlds
a.       One of my favorite things to do during mall hours “Mamalengke”! Just like our two heroin’s this is a monthly things to do in our family. “Kahit di kdrama, ginagawa natin to” even if it’s a bit funny to take pictures ala kdrama who cares, reimagining is fun!

3.       Free taste ala Stars are falling from the sky
a.       If you’re in a grocery store, for sure there’s free taste! If you don’t have any money for your “merienda” just have a stop at a certain free taste cart for sure busog ka na! sometimes you can experience this free taste sessions where there’s “Inumin”, “Ulam”, “Pansit” and dessert! J

4.       Photobooth ala Goblin style
a.       I remember how “uso” this thing was during my childhood days! Growing up in Saudi Arabia, photobooth are my super favorite, we only have that one photo shot every summer (since summer is the only time we could go back to the Philippines) I love how it was design to capture the quirkiest smile and memories you could do in one snap! Not only photos are provided but you can also choose if you like a Polaroid type of photo or a sticker type! So find the cutest photobooth out there and strike a pose!

5.       Carousel ala Angel Eyes!
a.      One of the “Always” meet up or always date place in a kdrama is this one! I always love Merry Go Round and because of this, I got teased a lot for being childish, I mean I love this ride, even if it makes you dizzy but who cares! Hihihihi “Ganun naman talaga pagnagmamahal kahit pinaikot-ikot ka na gusto mo parin!”  este KDRAMA ganun naman talaga ang kdrama kahit paikot-ikot ung story hook ka parin!”  HUGOT!

6. Yakult Mode ala Dream High
Because our Oppa’s drink Yakult tooooooo “para okay ang tiyan!”
I have only know about 3 drama’s where I basically saw Yakult, one is in Dream High which is the favorite Drink of Taecyeon and Suzy’s character, Rooftop Prince and Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo. Yakult is one of my favorite drink ever since I was young so seeing this on kdrama’s made me feel like I am connected to them (what! Day dreamer!) 

7. Mall Side Walks Ala Fight My Way
Mall Side Walks, this scene is somehow very common in kdramas, where our “bida” would walk in this streets staring at the mannequin and wished that one day they could own a certain fashion piece or just have this one item where they dreamed of having. One of the best ways to relive this scene is to visit UPTOWN or the FORT BGC, even if they’re not actually shopping in this scene, it’s just that we also have this semi scene in our lives when we love to do window shopping and be amazed with our own eyes. 

8Eat all you can buffet (as seen in WLFKBJ and She Was Pretty) – remember that one time when Bok Joo and Joon Hyung were invited by Doctors Jae Yi and A Young in a buffet! Or when Jackson was invited by Siwon’s character as his good bye dates! In these drama’s their Buffet session was like a small heart break, since Bok Joo had felt really awkward in these situation and while Siwon was saying good bye to his unrequited love! But you can also relive this joyful moments with a SWAG like Bok Joo and her buddies! Even tried taking photos on how to eat like Bok Joo!

9. LOTTO Oh Loooootttooo oh Looottooo  – Our Unnies and Oppa’s also tried their luck in Lotto! Remember that one time when Ji Eun Tak was begging an Ahjussi for her to register her Lotto ticket, or that moment when couple Ki Doong and Se Young receive a Lotto gift from So Joon in Tomorrow with you and Just like Moongchi in Innocent Defendant who tried his best to escape in Jail just to get his money before his Lotto ticket expires; he even taped it in his belly so he won’t lose it!. (insert EXO LOTTO song)

BONUS- raise your Filipino Pride for this!
Scene in The Fugitive Plan B! remember when Rain had his yellow motorbike in the streets of Manila! Yes, when I have watched this series my fangirling heart go crazy over our jeepneys! I suddenly forgot how Rain was awesomely doing a great job riding on his motorbike, but my feels are all over our jeepney! Happy lang! J

Again! Thank you for taking some time reading my Kdrama Feels! Kamsamnida! Maybe next time my kdrama feels would be real! AJA! J

Sunday, July 9, 2017

Il Padrino Coffee 99Php meal

Calling all Café lovers/ rice lovers! If you’re looking for cheap eats this rainy season while sipping your hot coffee, don’t worry, Il Padrino got it covered! We have tried Il Padrino's (Fairview Terraces) mouth watery meal for only 99php!

 Il Padrino is offering Ciotola Rice Topping meal for 99php. You can also avail their thirst quenchers for 59php if you buy their Ciotola Rice meal.  

You have three meals to choose from, Chicken with Walnut Cream Sauce, Beef Salpicao,  and Spicy Hungarian Sausage with cheese sauce and for their thirst quenchers you can choose from Fresh Lemonade, Il Padrino House Blend and Orange Juice. 

For our taste buds, we ordered this three meals so that each of us can taste their Ciotola Meal, and it didn't disappoint us! The meal is actually the same as the photo say and if you say JUICE, it's really JUICE! Not to mention their super friendly and all smiles crew! :D

Their meal is SUPER SULIT! :)
Hoping to try their other dishes tooooo :D Until next time Il Padrino! :D

Friday, July 7, 2017

THOUGHTS: Long Distance Friendship

It’s been almost 2 years since me and my childhood bff part ways (huwaaat!). Well not dramatically part ways, she’s in Australia, I am here in the Philippines. Even if we’re miles apart, we still find ways to check up on each other and send “I miss you” and “I love you” occasionally.

We have also been in this Long Distance friendship way back; after finishing college, she went back to Saudi Arabia to work. Despite of having different time frames, we manage to still video call one another, still made fun with what’s within our surface and constantly fangirl about the Jonas Brothers! (yes they were our boyfriends before hahahaa)

It’s funny how it all began to happen again. I was trying to stop my tears when I hug her and told her see you soon, I was super strong to hold it in, and my tears suddenly fell when we wave at each other good bye! It’s not really the end of everything but the missing feels part is such a hardship!

Even if the time we talk has lessen through time, I never felt that something was missing nor something was broken. I always waited patiently on every picture post on her instagram and like everything to tell her how much I miss her, and would bug her with messages randomly and say Hello!

Both of us would even send photos to one another just to tell one another that “We’re basically doing fine! And I am happy seeing you happy!”

Honestly, growing apart is helping the two of us grow. She’s taking her masters in Australia, while I am doing everything to hone my crafts and one day (tomorrow) I will land a job that could enhance more of my skills!

We have different likes and dislikes, we have different ambitions in life, but we manage to stay align with our hopes and dreams for one another! You just need to find time, quality (internet) moments, new things to do and a reminder to one another that you’ll just be here no matter what even if the sea had separated you!

I miss you uNNie! :D See you really SOOOOON! <3

Thursday, July 6, 2017

Cafe Bonitas!

Costa Coffee!
UK's best Coffee! Horray for a first timer! Oh aroma! I never liked coffee nor was satisfied by it’s taste but this Costa Coffee had got me covered! As a chocolate lover, Costa coffee had offered coffee’s that will suit your taste buds (no kidding! Well, Ice cold coffee). The vicinity of the London Vibe made me so happy since London was also one of my dream destinations in the future. So taking a sip of their coffee made me feel as if I was there!

My best friend and I went on a date to try and taste their coffee! Since my best friend is a super coffee lover, both of us tried what Costa Coffee could offer, and we are satisfied! We also tasted one of their sandwiches, and since we are too hungry, (HAHAHAHA) everything went well with our taste buds.

quick snap!

Not to mention their free coffee stubs until July 31, 2017
Photos taken from UPTOWN Katipunan and Ortigas Robinsons.

Café Aquatica
Aquarium Café! I know it’s quite over reacting, but their café looks like you’re inside a smaller Ocean Park, like literally smaller. There are aquariums with different types of fishes at every table, their background music was like hypnotizing you (like mermaid songs), their waiters are really friendly, and they would even explained what drink your taking.

So basically, we tried this blue tea that changes color once you put lemon into it. And we are so amazed as if we are watching magic from our very eyes! I don’t know how to explain the taste when it’s blue (it felt like it was a bit bitter and taste like real pure tea), but when it was added some lemon it tasted like lemonade! No tea taste!
YAP! With some magical video featuring this pretty lady!

:D For our meryenda, we tried this squid rings! It’s okay the taste was like squid hehehehe…

Located at Promenade, Greenhills
Cafe Aquatica also sells fish! You can check them out tooooo!